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 Spider-Man Articles

Find out some trivia and background on the main man Tobey Maguire. That is the Spider-Man.  What did he say about Spider-Man 4? Who is one of his best friends? How tall is Tobey as compared to Spider-Man?

James Franco probably the most active member of the Spider-Man cast gives John Wayne a run for his money with the number of war movies he's been in including the recent awesome Flyboys World War I movie, but will he return for Spider-Man 4 as Harry Osborn again?

Thomas Haden Church is the Sandman
Church is not your typical Hollywood actor. Originally from Texas you might as likely find him on a cattle drive as a Hollywood stage. 
What's Church say about his portrayal of the Sandman in Spider-Man 3? Find out.

The Man Who Would Be Venom
Topher Grace will be the first actor to bring Eddie Brock the man who will be Venom to the big screen. The actor continues to move forward in his career past his successful television career.

Spider-Man vs the Monsters
How does Spider-Man celebrate Halloween? Well we've got some pics and the scoop on some classic Halloween superhero bashes between Web Head and the most super monsters of all time.

Spider Sense Warning
The world reels after Spider-Man reveals identity. Get the whole scoop here. Make sure you make your opinion known on our poll to the right, and post your comments on the board.