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Spider-Man Vs Dracula  Spider-Man vs the Monsters

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Dracula Spider-Man cover

Dracula fans check out these Dracula Posters and Dracula Wallpapers.

One of the most fearsome foes Spider-Man could ever possibly face would have to be Dracula, right? Well, no. First, of course, there are probably a lot of new fans that are saying Spider-Man & Dracula together in a comic book? Yes, in Giant Size Spider-Man number one, Spidey & Dracula bumped heads way back in 1974. This book currently has a price tag of up to 60 bucks depending on it's condition.

The big but here is that it's not really all that great. Let's go way back in time, to the dawn of time, way back to the 1970's, and see how the king of the vampires made it into a Spider-Man book.

You see, old fang face had his own Marvel comic book series that ran from 1972 to 1979. It made it for a 70 issue run. The book, "Tomb of Dracula" featured stories centering on the war between Dracula and a group of vampire hunters. Dracula would end up not only fighting Spider-Man, but also another monster named Werewolf by Night, and the X-men.

The entire run of Tomb of Dracula was penciled by Gene Colan, with Tom Palmer inking virtually all. Marv Wolfman became permanent scripter on the seventh issue.

But back to 1974, writer Len Wein and artist Ross Andru brought us a terrifying tale of terror called, "Ship of Fiends" featuring Spider-Man & Dracula in the aforementioned, Giant Size Spider-Man #1. The story isn't really bad, and the art is great. No complaints really, it's just that it's not a titanic battle of hero vs villain you might expect from such a team-up of characters. It was more like Dracula was just added to story. No big efforts were made to create any huge fight scenes or anything like that. Basically, Dracula wants a doctor dead on board a ship coming to America. The Doctor has created a vaccine that Dracula believes will hurt his plans for evil in the future, while Peter Parker must have the vaccine to help more sick old Aunt May out. Before you can put on your web shooters Spider-Man borrows a cool jet from the Fantastic Four and high tails it to the ship. 

The only time the characters even meet is when Peter Parker brushes up against Dracula accidentally not even knowing who he is. Dracula fails to kill the good doctor thanks in part to Spider-Man and to a mistaken identity. The man Dracula tries to kill turns out to be the wrong guy, and gets rescued by Spider-Man anyway. Dracula believes he's killed the doc, however, and leaves the ship via bat express.

Spider-Man vs Dracula 1974, a major battle?!

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Almost forgot to mention that Spider-Man confronted Dracula on the Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends show back in the 80's. Spidey and Ice Man have to save Firestar from Dracula.

The Transylvanian Connection

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