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Spiderman 3 Wallpaper







Spider-Man Vs Frankenstein Spiderman vs the Monsters

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Frankenstein vs Spider-Man
Cool comic book covers done the Marvel way!

Frankenstein fans check out these awesome old movie Frankenstein Posters!

Just like Marvel Comics did with Dracula they also gave Frankenstein his own series. The first 5 issues or so told the more traditional tale of the monster before transferring him to present day 1970's to face more modern foes. 

So Frankenstein was right on board with Marvel Comics making him a prime candidate to team-up with Spider-man in Marvel Team-Up # 36 1975. The cover is actually a little misleading. Frankenstein actually wants to help Spider-Man not kill him. He's really a lot more calm than Marvel's version of Frankenstein the Incredible Hulk. Funny how those old comic covers used to do the old bait and switch routine on us. Battles on the cover never actually guaranteed a battle inside the issue in question.

spidey-frankenstein.jpg (264967 bytes)
click for larger readable image

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Marvel Team-Up #36 gives us a cool recap of the events from Frankenstein's own comic book series.  Apparently Frank had been in a form of suspended animation for a hundred years. Below are the two pages that recap Frankenstein's Marvel origin. Click for a larger image to read in a new window.
frankenstein-origin2.jpg (192586 bytes)
Frankenstein's origin
frankenstein-origin.jpg (180051 bytes)
origin part two