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Man Wolf

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John Jameson is the son of J. Jonah Jameson, the irascible, gruff publisher of the Daily Bugle. Initially an astronaut, he was first seen being saved by Spider-Man when his craft malfunctioned on re-entry, something that did nothing to endear the wall-crawler to his father.

On a later mission, Jameson was infected with a virus that gave him super-strength, but strained his body and mind. He was forced to wear a strength-restraining "Jupiter suit" and battled Spider-Man at his father's urging before recovering.

John as Man-Wolf Still later, Jameson became possessed by an other-dimensional ruby which he found on the moon. The jewel transformed him into the lycanthropic Man-Wolf, and he fought Spider-Man in this beastial form. He was later taken to the dimension the ruby originated from, where he retained his human mind in Man-Wolf form, also gaining a number of other superpowers, and became known as the Stargod. He later returned to Earth, sans ruby.

Despite this, he remains friends with Spider-Man and often tries to convince his father to "let up on him." He spent some time as Ravencroft Head of Security and briefly dated its director Dr. Ashley Kafka.

John had been dating She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and the two had been living together for some time along with She-Hulk's coworker, Augustus Pugliese. Recently they eloped in Las Vegas. However, John has been forced into becoming the Man-Wolf once more. After a brief rampage, John finally accepted his situation and became the Stargod once more. He now retains his intelligence while in Man-Wolf form, has the Stargod's powers and can apparently switch between human and lupine forms. What effect this will have on his new marriage remains to be seen.

Civil War
John has been revealed to have helped Captain America while he (Captain America) is in hiding. He was helping She-Hulk to locate and sign up unregistered superheroes. John has also been registered as the Man-Wolf under the Superhuman Registration Act.

Alternate Versions

In the alternate-future known as MC2, John Jameson married Dr. Ashley Kafka and they had a son, Jack. Jack became the costumed adventurer known as The Buzz.

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, J. Jonah Jameson made reference to his dead astronaut son, called him a "true hero". Jonah doesn't name his son, so it may not be John, but does not say he has any other kids. Jonah says his son died in the apparent explosion of a space shuttle in orbit, but the incident is classified so we do not know if Jonah's version of events is accurate.

Appearances in other media
John Jameson appeared in The Alien Costume saga of Spider-Man: The Animated Series where he unwittingly brings the Venom symbiote to Earth. 
John, as well as his alter-ego Man-Wolf's well known animated appearance was in the Spider-Man Unlimited animated series. In the series while travelling into space, John Jameson crashed on the animated Counter-Earth thanks to Venom and Carnage. He and Spider-Man (who went there to save him and return him back to earth) joined the Human rebels to fight the High Evolutionary and restore peace to Counter-Earth. Later in the series, The High Evolutionary experimented on Jameson and every time he gets angry he becomes the Man-Wolf, marking his first animated appearance. 

Daniel Gillies as John Jameson in Spider-Man 2In Spider-Man 2, John Jameson, played by Daniel Gillies, is Mary Jane Watson's fiancé. But when she found out that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, she realized that she did not truly love John. Then she left John at the altar and came to Peter's apartment when she told him she wanted to be with him no matter what. The movie includes multiple references to the comic story arc where John Jameson becomes Man-Wolf. Jameson wears the same medallion that in the comics turned him into Man-Wolf, and he is portrayed next to a full moon in another scene. It has been confirmed that Daniel Gillies will reprise his role in Spider-Man 3. It also has been confirmed by Sam Raimi that Man-Wolf will not make an appearance.