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Spider-Man VS the Wolf Man Spider-Man vs the Monsters

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Marvel Team-Up # 12

Werewolf fans check out all these cool Wolf Man posters.

Spider-Man has two werewolves he's had to deal with. One named Man-Wolf and the other one Marvel Comics own Wolf Man Werewolf by Night. The Werewolf is most famous for being the first to take on Moon Knight, but he once took on the web slinger while hypnotized by an evil magician. Jack Russell found himself turned into a Werewolf during the day and out of his normal Los Angeles stomping grounds in San Francisco.

Peter Parker was on assignment for the Daily Bugle to take pictures of Daredevil and the Black Widow who were also in San Francisco way out of their normal hangout New York City. Spider-Man runs into the hypnotized Werewolf while swinging across the San Francisco Bay area. After a quick fight, the Werewolf ends up in the water. Thinking the wolf drowned, Spider-Man resumes his Peter Parker identity and decides to get a cup of coffee. Unluckily the Werewolf had not drowned and sniffed out Parker with his super keen nose. Another fight breaks out, but none of the restaurant customers notice. Apparently themselves hypnotized, they proceed to lead Spidey to the mad magician causing all the chaos. Needless to say Spidey takes out the bad guy in the end, and yet another Mighty Marvel slugfest ends. All this and it only cost 20 cents way back in 1973 in Marvel Team-Up #12.

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Werewolf by Night History
First appeared in Marvel Spotlight volume 1 #2.

Jack Russell was born Jacob Russoff in Romania to Gregor and Laura Russoff. Gregor was himself a werewolf who had inherited the family curse of lycanthrope. This curse had originated with their 18th century ancestor Grigori, who had been tainted by the Darkhold, a grimoire of black magic, and was subsequently bitten by a werewolf who served Dracula. Gregor himself was killed by an angry mob while Jacob was less than two years old. Soon after, Laura took Jacob and his sister, Lissa, to the United States, where Laura married Jacob's brother Philip. The family adopted the last name of Russell, and Jacob's first name was changed to Jack.

Unfortunately for Jack, he would go on to inherit his father's curse on his eighteenth birthday. Under the light of a full moon, Jack would transform into the Werewolf: a ferocious monster who would prowl the area searching for victims. He would hunt down and maim or kill evildoers as he encountered them, although he would often attack others when threatened or panicked. A number of these victims returned as werewolves themselves, only to be killed by Jack when he learned of his creations' bloodlust. Most of Jack's adventures revolved around him searching for a way to control or cure his lycanthrope. During this time he formed an on-again off-again relationship with the empathic sorceress Topaz. He eventually came to grips with his nature and is currently able to exercise a large degree of control over his actions while in werewolf form, to the point that he can usually think and act normally while transformed.

There was a point in Jack's life where his werewolf form became advanced by a scientist named Dr. Karl Malus whose treatment caused Jack to more closely resemble an actual wolf by having the head of a wolf and a small tail.

Throughout the years, the Werewolf would encounter a variety of superhero and supernatural opponents and allies, including Moon Knight, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman, Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, the West Coast Avengers, and the Midnight Sons. During the encounter with the Midnight Sons, the vampire hunter Blade was possessed by the Darkhold and killed the Werewolf; when the spell was reversed, both Blade and Jack were returned to normal. More recently, Jack's niece was introduced as the Vampire by Night, whose hereditary curse had been modified by the bite of a vampire.

The Werewolf by Night remained active within the Marvel Comics universe as recently as 2006.

The most notable issue of Werewolf by Night was #32 which featured the first appearance of Moon Knight

Jack possesses the power of lycanthrope, the power to become a werewolf. In his wolfen form, he still resembles a human, albeit with fur and canine features. As a werewolf, Jack is superhumanly strong and fast, with animal-like senses of smell and hearing. His claws and fangs can rip most enemies to shreds, even other werewolves. Unlike most werewolves, Jack can become a werewolf whenever it is dark, and doesn't need the full moon to change. If Jack bites or scratches a human, he can infect them with lycanthrope, and make them werewolves as well. His wolfen powers enable him to quickly heal from most injuries, but he is still vulnerable to weapons made of silver (such as stakes and bullets).

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