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Masked Mutant Misfits



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Spiderman 3 Wallpaper







Spider-Man's Secret Identity Exposed to the World
The government wants all heroes to take off their masks or face jail time, freezing of all assets, and the arrests of their friends and family who might be aiding the heroes in the concealment of their identities.

Peter Parker, having given his word to stand by Tony Stark, has agreed to go along with Tony's support of this government measure. Aunt May encourages Peter to go public, and at the very end, Peter stands before a large crowd dressed as Spiderman and unmasks before the world. These are the events of the Amazing Spider-Man #532 & #533 and Civil War #2.

Is this the end of the secret identity? The recent issue of Wizard #179 seems to indicate that at least for the Marvel Universe the secret identity may be a thing of the past.  So far the Marvel Universe has revealed the identities of Daredevil, Captain America after 911,  Iron Man and the Fantastic Four who have always been upfront with their identities.

Just my opinion here, but I don't like Spider-Man revealing his identity. It's a great gimmick for a little while but as Moon Knight writer, Charlie Huston, said in Wizard, "I think it's a bad call, both in terms of the character and the long term health of the title". He goes on to say that he imagines someone is going to try and re-mask Spider-man, but that it would be a difficult task to pull off and do it in a way that makes sense.

Where does this leave Mary Jane and Aunt May? Will Spider-Man have to spend 24 hours a day protecting them eventually? I can't imagine that Spider-Man's greatest enemies are going to play nice and leave Peter Parker's loved ones alone. Given that it doesn't make sense that Peter would give up his identity. He knows the dangers presented to the family of a superhero. That's why he's kept his identity secret all these years. 

Spider-Man has even had to go up against Captain America, who stands opposed to the registration act. After all the years I've read Spider-Man, I just can't imagine Peter taking a side against Captain America for the sake of a legality. After all, Spider-Man is the ultimate vigilante, reluctant of course to some degree, but a rebel nonetheless, standing on the outside of the law. How many times have police officers actually shot at Spider-Man, convinced he was a menace, thanks in part to J. Jonah Jameson's articles in the Daily Bugle? To me, Spider-Man's greatest allegiance is to the spirit of the law and the legal system, not necessarily the letter of the law. 

spiderman-identity.jpg (101928 bytes)
click for larger image of Spiderman 533

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spiderman-secretidentity001.jpg (324570 bytes)
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spiderman-wizard.jpg (228083 bytes)
Wizard Cover of Spiderman's Identity Crisis

Perhaps it is Parker's spiritual beliefs that guide him even though they are rarely mentioned. I only know of one instance. It's Spider-Man's sense of responsibility to protect life that I would think would take precedence over a law that at best was border line on a throwback to an old communist government.

Time will tell, but my money is on an eventual re-masking of Peter Parker. Surely at the very least he'll lose this new disco suit. Of course, I thought the good old Greenskin who yelled Hulk smash  would have been back by now. Well, he's green again anyway and he likes to smash but he's still not the same old Hulk I grew up with. You would think after 20 years have gone by I would have given up on that score.
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