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 Spider-Man Encyclopedia - Spider-Man Equipment - Spider-Man Mobile

Spider-Man 130 Spider Mobile

click for larger image of Spider-Man # 160

Spider-Man & the Human Torch

Spider-Man's Ride
In Amazing Spider-Man #126 (November 1973), Corona Motors approaches Spider-Man through the advertising agency Carter & Lombardo, offering him use of a new nonpolluting motor they had invented and wished to promote, to be installed in a "Spider-Mobile" of his design. Initially reluctant but tempted by the promised endorsement fees, Spider-Man enlists the aid of Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, in creating the vehicle; a heavily customized dune buggy with web-launchers and a spider-signal. It debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #130.

It proves useful for a time but is quickly wrecked (Spider-Man having not yet learned to drive, not uncommon among residents of New York City). The Tinkerer (with support from the Kingpin), salvages and modifies it further to allow it to drive itself and drive up walls, and he uses it against Spider-Man, who barely manages to disable it.

Spider-Man returns the heavily-damaged vehicle to Carter & Lombardo, suspending it with webbing outside the window of their 14th-story offices (Amazing Spider-Man #160, June 1976).

Spider-Man, who had never been enthused by the project, looks back on the entire affair with some regret, repeatedly calling the Spider-Mobile "hokey".

Most recently, the Spider-Mobile made a brief cameo appearance in the Marvel Knights Spider-Man series, and an appearance in the flashback series Spider-Man and Human Torch.

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Spider-Man Car with Spider legs