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 Spider-Man Encyclopedia  - Spider-Man Villains - Agony aka Leslie

Agony is also known as Screech and Shriek. She is one of the six symbiote spawns of Venom from the Venom: Separation Anxiety 4-issue mini-series. She is prominently purple. She has five symbiote brothers and sisters, including Carnage, and a nephew in Toxin.

Leslie was a mercenary who worked for a sinister corporation called the Life Foundation. The Foundation was preparing for the M.A.D. fallout of the Cold War and sought to provide a comfortable life for their wealthy clients after the impending nuclear holocaust. The Life Foundation was experimenting with the Venom symbiote in the hopes of developing superhuman peacekeepers to watch over their imagined fallout shelter utopia. Leslie was one of two women who were chosen as hosts for Venom's forcibly-extracted spawn.

defeated by Venom and Spider-Man in Venom: Lethal Protector, her symbiote artificially aged to dust and her body apparently destroyed in a massive explosion.

However, the Life Foundation symbiotes survived. Leslie had wanted to be a hero, but like the other Life Foundation symbiotes was having trouble controlling her 'other'. This lack of control over the alien inside her kept resulting in violence. In the miniseries Venom: Separation Anxiety, Leslie and the others broke Eddie Brock out of prison and kidnapped him in a last ditch effort to communicate with their alien "others".

Leslie was killed by Scream with a sonic knife. However, before her death, she showed remorse and regret for her actions.

Leslie before she is killed.What was left of the symbiote combined with all her sisters and brothers (except Carnage and Scream) to form the new antihero called Hybrid. His status is unknown.

Agony possesses all the powers the original Venom has, including suit generated webbing, shape-shifting, super strength and the ability to not be detected by Spider-Man's "spider-sense". Agony can also use her metabolism to spit acid, and can absorb chemicals (such as Spider-Man's webbing).