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Amazing Spider-Man #5 The First Doom vs Spider-Man Battle Image

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 Spider-Man Encyclopedia  - Spider-Man Villains - Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom vs Spider-Man
Doctor Doom is primarily the Fantastic Four's enemy, but has attacked almost everyone in the Marvel Universe at one time or another.

Doom was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and debuted in The Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962).

A brilliant evil scientist, Doom was once a classmate of the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards. However, he became embittered by his jealousy of Richards and by facial scars received from an experiment gone awry, and perhaps from impatiently donning a steaming-hot iron mask forged by mystic monks.

1st Doctor Doom Spider-Man Rumble
Amazing Spider-Man #5
Doctor Doom having watched a TV special by J.Jonah Jameson believes he can convince Spider-Man to join his side against the Fantastic Four. Spider-Man refuses of course which leads to Doctor Doom kidnapping Flash Thompson thinking Flash is Spider-Man. Eventually, the Fantastic Four make their way into the issue and old Metal face makes his escape.

Marvel Team-Up Appearances
Marvel Team-Up # 42 at the very end and the entire issue of #43 where Doom actually gets billing as part of the superhero team-up. This is part of a 5 story arc featuring time travel. My all time personal favorite story gimmick. The story also involves the Vision, Scarlet Witch, Kilraven, and the original Deathlok.

Superman and Spider-man vs Doctor Doom and the Parasite
This is one of the most unique team-ups you'll ever see just because it's so rare. This extra large sized issue from 1981. It feature not only Spider-Man and Superman, but also a fight between Superman and the Hulk with a guest appearance by Wonder Woman. Two superheroes popular on television at the time.

Superman and Spider-Man VS Doom Wallpaper

Spider-Man and Captain America in Doctor Doom's Revenge

Spider-Man and Captain America in Doctor Doom's Revenge was a side-scrolling computer game starring Spider-Man and Captain America battling a host of super villains led by Doctor Doom. The player alternately controls Spidey and Cap; the character being controlled switches after each battle.

Marvel Comics also released a comic book that was only available in the game package. It illustrated the plot leading up to Spiderman's and Captain America's mission to stop Dr. Doom.

Other Doctor Doom Spider-Man Battles -
 Amazing Spider-Man #349 & #350

Doctor Doom vs Spider-Man Cartoon Appearances

1980's Spider-Man Cartoon Series

Dr. Doom, Master Of The World Episode # 2
Dr. Doom tries to take over the world by controlling the world's leaders.

The Doctor Prescribes Doom Episode # 8
Dr. Doom is again elected master of the world, thanks to his android duplicates.

The A-B-C's Of D-O-O-M Episode # 12
Goron, Dr. Doom's new partner, attempts to launch every nuclear missile in the world.

Canon Of Doom Episode # 17
A new earthquake fault line is created by Dr. Doom's laser canon.

The Doom Report # 19
Spidey joins the Latverian resistance, attempting to overthrow Dr. Doom.

Countdown To Doom Episode #21
Follows on from "The Doom Report", and is the conclusion of the Doctor Doom story arc.

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
The Fantastic Mr. Frump Episode #3
Dr. Doom loses ultimate power to an old man.

Dr. Doom Wallpaper Image from Spider-Friends


90's Spider-Man Cartoon
Secret Wars - Chapter 3 : Doom Episode 63
Adaptation of  famous Secret Wars comic book mini-series of the 80's.
Amazing Spider-Man #350