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 Spider-Man Encyclopedia  - Spider-Man Villains - The Lizard

The Lizard first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #6 (November 1963), and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The Lizard is Dr. Curt Connors, a friend and ally of Spider-Man in his human guise, but when he is transformed to the Lizard he loses all of his true personality becoming evil and more animal like in behavior.

Curtis Connors was born in Coral Gables, Florida. A gifted surgeon, who enlisted in the military and was sent off to war, Connors performed emergency battlefield surgery on injured soldiers.  His right arm was injured in a blast and had to be amputated. In his civilian life, he became obsessed with uncovering the secrets of reptilian limb regeneration and studied reptilian biology extensively. From his home in the Florida Everglades, he finally developed an experimental serum taken from reptilian DNA. He was able to re-grow the missing limb of a rabbit and then, despite the warnings of his wife Martha, chose to test it on himself. Connors was able to grow back his missing arm, but unfortunately, it had an unforeseen side effect.

Amazing Spider-Man #6 debut of the Lizard

Connors changed into a reptilian humanoid monster. Spider-Man became aware of the situation during a trip to Florida to investigate newspaper reports of the Lizard. Spider-Man was then able to use Connors' notes to create an antidote to restore him to his human form and mentality.

Dr. Connors has often helped Spider-Man, but his evil alter ego keeps resurfacing from time to time. Spidey always finds a way to help turn Connors back to his old self. Connors has helped save the life of Aunt May, and even given Peter Parker a job working for him at Empire State University.

Connors has had a rough family life. The strain caused his family to break up, and later his wife died of cancer and almost claimed his son.

The Lizard has super strength and agility. He can climb walls using his claws. He also has the ability to communicate telepathically with other reptiles, and has the ability to create hostility in humans.

Live Action Movies
Dr. Connors was mentioned briefly in the 2002 film Spider-Man, and appeared in the 2004 sequel Spider-Man 2, where he was played by actor Dylan Baker. Director Sam Raimi had reportedly considered his friend, B-movie legend Bruce Campbell for the role of Dr. Connors, but decided against it since Campbell appeared in the first movie as a wrestling announcer (However, Campbell did have a different cameo in Spider-Man 2).

Animated series

The Lizard in "Night of the Lizard" episode of Spider-Man (1994 Animated Series)The Lizard has appeared in several of the Spider-Man animated television series over the years. The original 1967 Spider-Man cartoon featured the Lizard in the episode "Where Crawls the Lizard."

The character appeared again later on in the 1981 Spider-Man cartoon series episode "Lizards, Lizards Everywhere.

Possibly the best done of the Lizard's animated appearances was in the 1994 premiere episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, titled "Night of the Lizard". Here, the Lizard was shown as possessing a genius level of intelligence but also having the savage mindset from the comics. The Lizard later went on to appear in the episodes "Tablet of Time", "The Ravages of Time", "The Final Nightmare", "The Lizard King" and the "Secret Wars" 3-part episode from the end of this series' run in 1997. The non-mutated Curt Connors had many other appearances as a supporting character. Dr. Connors and the Lizard were both voiced throughout this series by Joseph Campanella.

The Lizard from MTV's Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.The Lizard also appeared in the "Law of the Jungle" episode of MTV's 2003 Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. The Lizard's physical appearance in this series was much more beastial and saurian than in the previous comic books. In this episode, Connors is revealed to have lost his arm as a result of an Osborn Industries weapons testing accident and when he transforms into the Lizard he goes after Harry Osborn. The Lizard falls to his apparent death from a helicopter at the end of the episode. Both Dr. Connors and the Lizard are voiced here by rock musician/filmmaker Rob Zombie.