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 Spider-Man Encyclopedia  - Spider-Man Villains - Rhino

The Rhino was reated by writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita, Sr., he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #41 (October 1966). Rhino has often crossed paths with the Hulk quite a few times.

The Rhino was initially Aleksei Sytsevich, a poor immigrant from Russia who was desperate to pay for the rest of his family to come to America. With little education and no real skills, the only paying jobs he could get were using his impressive strength and musculature as an enforcer for various criminal organizations. One day he was contacted by some Eastern Bloc agents, who offered him a vast sum of money for participating in an incredible experiment. Sytsevich agreed, and was subjected to intensive chemical and radioactive treatment, which bonded a super-strong polymer to his skin and greatly augmented his strength and speed. He was given the code name "Rhino," and was sent to work as a super-assassin.

Rhino's first job was to capture Colonel John Jameson for his military secrets. Spider-Man defeated the Rhino, leading to the super villain's arrest.  The Rhino hates Spider-Man but is usually more concerned with getting paid than gaining revenge.

The Rhino has often went up against The Incredible Hulk. He is significantly outmatched by the Hulk in terms of brute force, but the level of superhuman strength he does have, coupled with his invulnerability, has always made him a good adversary.

Recently, as portrayed in the story Flowers for Rhino, he decided to seek help to improve his mind the same way his body had been improved: through science. He sought out a scientist who had an experimental treatment to increase his intelligence. To his surprise the treatment actually worked and he was able to defeat Spider-Man, who had always outsmarted him in the past.

Amazing Spider-Man #41

Amazing Spider-Man #43

Next, he took over the majority of the criminal operations in the city and started a law suit against Spider-Man that prevented the hero coming within 500 yards of him. However, his intelligence continued to increase exponentially and, with no intellectual competition, he began to find life boring; he even rewrote "Hamlet" because he found the writing style sloppy, and in his depression pointed out to Spider-Man that he was able to deduce Spider-Man was Peter Parker through a simple equation that could give him the identities of any costumed hero. When he began to approach omniscience he worried that such high intelligence would drive him insane so, although he briefly contemplated suicide, he elected to have the process reversed, actually making himself "a little MORE stupid than he used to be... Just to be on the safe side.

As of now he has been attacked by the Punisher and was left in less than good condition. He, later, showed up for the wake of the dead super villain Stilt-Man, tussling with Armadillo, causing a brawl to break out that was stopped by Spider-Man. The wake was later bombed by the Punisher, the only two apparent survivors were the Prowler and the Puma.

Rhino has apparently survived the explosion, though, as he's seen humiliating Deadpool by shrinking him via Pym Particles, gluing his head to a keychain (the same thig Deadpool had done to him during a previous encounter), then made him ride a urinal cake. The Rhino was satisfied by what he had done and the two parted ways... only to have Deadpool turn around and defeat the villain while still small.

Ultimate Rhino
Ultimate Rhino, also called Metal Rhino, has increased power from the suit that the old Rhino stole from the U.S. Military. Using the suit’s incredible strength, the Rhino robbed a Manhattan bank, charging the vault head-first and destroying it. He then rampaged through a busy street to make his escape, destroying anything in his path, including police cars, with ease. While Spider-Man raced to the scene, Iron Man arrived, stopped the Rhino’s assault and captured him.

Sometime later, the Rhino rampaged through the Brooklyn Naval Yard, battling the police and Spider-Man, who seemed to be more of an annoyance than a threat, constantly evading the Rhino’s clumsy blows. After knocking Spider-Man clear into an office building, the Rhino was confronted by the U.S. army, who were hoping to retrieve his experimental armor. Spider-Man used the distraction to sneak up on the Rhino and rip his armor open, sabotaging its internal circuitry and knocking him out.

The Rhino was taken into military custody.

The Rhino appears several times on Spider-Man: The Animated Series, where he is voiced by Don Stark. He is an enforcer for the Kingpin, and a member of the Sinister Six. His origin is not detailed in the series and he first appears in "The Alien Costume" in Season One.

The Alien Costume: Part One and Part Three
The Insidious Six
Battle of the Insidious Six
Six Forgotten Warriors
Unclaimed Legacy
Secrets of the Six
The Six Fight Again
The Price of Heroism

Rhino appears as a boss in the video game , where he is a member of Doctor Doom's Masters of Evil.

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