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Posted:  24 Mar 2007 23:54
Hey guys, I'm a member on other forums, I'm also known as Superman, Captain America, and Captain. If you get Comcast digital cable and get On Demand, go to movies, then there will be a whole section on Spider-Man 3, there are a lot of things you can watch about Spider-Man including the final trailer for Spider-Man 3, the final trailer is SO awesome, it shows Venom a lot, it even shows the alien costume forming on Eddie Brock and becoming Venom!
Posted:  25 Mar 2007 15:05
Posted:  30 Mar 2007 00:27
Anybody who doesn't have Comcast digital cable and get On Demand, get it!
Posted:  01 Apr 2007 09:07
Tim it looks like your theory of venom being in 4 is dead.
Posted:  02 Apr 2007 16:36
It ain't over till it's over. - Rocky Balboa
Posted:  02 Apr 2007 21:21
Hate to say it, but there won't be a 4, the actor who plays Spider-Man said that he is done playing Spider-Man, at least that is what I heard.
Posted:  04 Apr 2007 19:08
Well they almost replaced him for number 2 when he had a back injury so I wouldn't expect that to stop them necessarily. Think about how many Batmans we've had. Plus he may be saying it's the last one to see if he can get a raise. Actors always say it's over before contract negotiations.
Posted:  04 Apr 2007 23:59   Last Edited By: Tim
Found this bit of news I think should clarify a little more. - SCI-FI Wire

Tobey Maguire, who reprises the role of Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man 3, told SCI FI Wire in February that he remained open to a fourth film, with reservations. This despite earlier reports that the third webslinger movie would be his last. Maguire is not contractually bound to do a fourth film.

"Well, it's possible that we make another movie," Maguire said in an interview. "It all depends on if there's a story worth telling. I feel very proud of the three movies that we've made. I feel like the stories all deserve to be told, and, you know, if they come up with a good movie, and the whole team wants to get back together, and we feel like we can make a good movie that's worth making, then I'm up for it."

His co-star, Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson), echoed the sentiment in a separate interview in February. And for her, it depended on whether or not writer/director Sam Raimi agreed to a fourth installment. "There's an openness at the end [of Spider-Man 3], which I like, but ... I feel like this is a trilogy unto itself," she said. "And I think if we venture into a fourth, it will be some time from now and in a new way. Because I don't think Sam can do that: continuing on this same course. I think he needs to venture as an artist and do other things; otherwise, none of us will have anything good to bring to the fourth. So I think we all need to venture out a little bit, and then maybe we'll come back together one day and do another one."

She added: "I would work with Sam on any movie he wanted to work on it with me, because I just adore that man."

For his part, Raimi hasn't said one way or another whether he'd do another movie. Producer Avi Arad has been quoted as saying he'd move ahead with a fourth Spider-Man with or without Maguire. Spider-Man 3 opens May 4. —Patrick Lee, News Editor
Posted:  07 Apr 2007 02:56
Tobey Maguire did say that he wasn't going to play Spider-Man anymore.
Posted:  07 Apr 2007 17:14
Yeah, he acted like that at first, but like I said it could be a trick to get more money.
Posted:  15 Apr 2007 06:29
True, very true.
Posted:  16 Apr 2007 12:56
Well, according to the novel, I hope no-one gets mad at me for saying this but venom dies. It appears that he is only in the last 20 or 30 minutes of Spiderman 3. Of course they could change it, but it's not that likely since Sam Raimi doesn't seem to be a big Venom fan.
Posted:  16 Apr 2007 16:39
Say can you find the book you read on the Spideystore.com and post the link here.

That would be wierd to kill off Venom so quickly, but movies tend to kill off villains at the end like Doctor Octopus in Spider-man 2, the Joker in Batman, Green Goblin, I'm thinking the Penguin died in Batman Returns, Ras Al Ghul in Batman Begins, etc
Posted:  23 Apr 2007 08:35