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Posted:  08 Apr 2007 00:37

Posted:  08 Apr 2007 20:50

Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  12 Apr 2007 20:57   Last Edited By: joseph122
hello i have just registerd and i am wondering shouldnt the symbiote costume be similar to the that of the secret wars this costume is simialar to that of the black costume which he wore as one of the avengers when he changed his look how is he going to distiungish between the two rather how are we going to distinguish between the two when the story goes on and he changes his costume
Posted:  13 Apr 2007 18:28
Are you referring to the fact Spidey's black costume in the movie isn't the same as the classic comic Spider-Man costume? Looks to me like the movie is just going to have the symbiote absorb into his red and blue costume and leave via the loud bell into Eddie Brock.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  16 Apr 2007 13:03
Yup, looks good to me
Posted:  02 Jun 2007 02:58
Posted:  12 Jun 2007 09:08   Last Edited By: venom1
I very like venom because is very cool and when you have some picture of venom can you give that picture for me?
Posted:  12 Jun 2007 09:12
Think you your picture and i so happy you give me that picture
Posted:  17 Jan 2008 18:47