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Which parts of the movie (Spiderman 1)impress you most ??Why?? Message Board

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Spiderman Forum / Spiderman / Spiderman Movies / Which parts of the movie (Spiderman 1)impress you most ??Why??

Posted:  18 Apr 2007 13:58
Which parts of the movie (Spiderman 1)impress you most ??Why??
Thanks you your comment.
Posted:  18 Apr 2007 18:37
I personally liked the origin aspect of the movie the best. The humor of him trying to swing across buildings for the first time was my favorite especially the part where he says Shazam, and Go Go Web. That was hilarious.
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Posted:  19 Apr 2007 03:36
I liked how Spidey was able to save both MJ and the children from plummeting to death. When forced to make a difficult choice between two things he chose to pick both.
Posted:  19 Apr 2007 15:41
Yeah that was cool. He didn't accept defeat and saved them all.
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