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Posted:  25 Apr 2007 05:55   Last Edited By: goldengirls
In this Spider-man spoof, Spider-man being forced to fight the Golden Girls after they eat the last glob of transfat in NYC. It's the first ever "text your own adventure" video and though the end requires you to use your cell phone, it is totally free of charge and spam free as well!
Posted:  25 Apr 2007 17:38
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  01 May 2007 01:26
Here's something kewl I found.  A Spiderman 3 AIM Expression.  It's worth checking out... it's the default on my PC now! 
Posted:  06 Jun 2007 03:20
Oh my god that was the most heeeelariusss video i have evr seen on u tube!!!
"Im spiderman's best bud.......in my dreams."
Posted:  17 Jan 2008 18:49
Posted:  05 Feb 2008 17:00
It was well gay