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Spider-Man 3 for PS2: Good or bad? Message Board

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Posted:  29 Jun 2007 07:33
I do not have an X-Box 360 or PS3 because my parents think that they would distract me from far more important aspects of life. Real reason: They're too cheap. So when I hear about how awesome Spider-Man 3 is for the next-gen consoles I was a little frustrated. I knew the game was also for the PS2, but I was reluctant to buy it after hearing so many awful reviews. Finally I bought it and it was actually pretty good. The only thing I found disappointing were the graphics. Don't get me wrong it was still better looking than Spider-Man 2 but it just didn't look as good as the 360's. After playing the game it just seems that all these "professional" writers were just comparing a game on an eight year old game console to extremely advanced new ones. Although Spider-Man 3 for the PS2 doesn't hold a candle to the 360's, it is still a good, entertaining for the owners of current-gen systems. That's just my opinion though, does anyone have similar or opposing views?
Posted:  29 Jun 2007 16:14
Thanks for reviewing it for us.

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Posted:  29 Jun 2007 17:05
bad, mainly my problem is the graphics , but i mean you could'nt expect good graphics on the ps2
"Im spiderman's best bud.......in my dreams."
Posted:  29 Jun 2007 17:10
sorry about your predicamit with the next-gen consoles, when the 360 came out I sold all my consoles for the it, but sorry to tell you, i've beaten 56.5% of the game on the 360 and to tell you the horrible truth, it's really good, it does get repetetive when theres like 10 supervillians to beat, and personally i thought they could give some extra features of the black suit rather than rage mode and different moves.
"Im spiderman's best bud.......in my dreams."
Posted:  01 Oct 2008 19:50
I have the game but is was good but is bad
Posted:  30 Nov 2008 17:08
ya know all that bugs me is how humans are made in the game.  the only good made one was spidey rest stunk
well romus say sm4 has a venom retrun of some kind and i have proof lets go to sm3 they have balck oze in there so ya p.s. carage cold be in this! and wont be posting tomrow cuse turkey day bye
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