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Spiderman Forum / Spiderman / General Discussion and other Superheroes / If Spidey could change time?

Posted:  30 Jun 2007 07:37
What would Spidey do if he was given the oppurtunity to change one moment in his life? Would he alter history and ,if he decided to, what moment would he choose? There has been so many moments in Spidey has regretted, but which specific moment would he choose? When I first thought about it my immediate thought was that he would stop his Uncle Ben from dying. Upon further thinking I realized that even though this would be extremely tempting to Spidey, he would never do it. That's because ,as horrible as his uncle's death was, if it had never happened Spidey never would have existed. And if Spidey never existed, countless lives would be miserable. He is constantly protecting the people of New York from the worst criminals and most menacing super-villains. Spidey is just too heroic to just let so many innocent people suffer just so that his life could be happy. I think if he was given this oppurtunity he would use to do something to try and prevent a major disaster that had happened. For example he might prevent the New Warriors from ambushing a team of super-villains in Stamford. The result of that ambush was the super-villain Nitro going nova and killing over 600 people. This incident is what sparked Civil War and given Spidey's choices during that time(unmasking himself during a televised press conference) he might want to prevent all the trouble he's in now because of his actions(he is now on the run from the police, old enemies are after him, and his Aunt May is in a coma and could die). Still it's hard to imagine which event he would change.
Posted:  01 Jul 2007 00:05
I don't know I think he might instinctively go for saving Uncle Ben, and then maybe Gwen Stacey. He's the kind of guy that listens to his heart more than his head sometimes. Then after he sees what kind of issues might occur, he might change his mind. Sounds like a great what if story. In fact there was one What If story where Uncle Ben stayed alive and I think Aunt May died. I don't remember how it turned out but most of the time "What If" stories always end bad.
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Posted:  06 Jul 2007 21:59
Personally i think he would try to stop Norman Osborn Ever going bad thus saving Gwen Stacy and also stopping a lotta influence to make other people supervillians.And I dont know about uncle ben he may just let it be.
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Posted:  07 Aug 2007 10:58
I think he would not change anything im also a spidey fan and the story line is just cool the way it is!
Posted:  17 Nov 2007 04:18
my best bet is on saving ben however then gwen would die
Posted:  03 Jun 2011 05:53
In my heart spider-man is a hero, always hero.
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