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Posted:  04 Jul 2007 07:32
I have beaten the main story line and now I am currently trying to get all the Spider emblems and meteorite fragments. I know for sure that if I collect all of the emblems I will unlock the symbiote costume, but I have also heard that if I collect all of the meteorites I will unlock Venom as a playable character. I just wanted to know if this was true, so has anyone collected all of the meteorites and unlocked Venom?
Posted:  05 Jul 2007 15:09
Sorry I don't have the game, but I did find this page of cheats for Spider-Man 3.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  08 Jul 2007 02:07
Thanks for the link.
Posted:  18 Sep 2009 03:52
I havent played any of the spiderman games but I am thinking about picking some of them up because the first ones are on clearance now and I can get them for a good price. The only thing is that they didnt get good review, so I wanted to get the opinion of some other people. What do you all think of them and which ones are the best?
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