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Posted:  15 Jul 2007 01:34
I just read the latest issue of Gamepro and they had details of the latest Spider-Man game. Titled Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe it is loosely based on the movies is expected to come out this October. In this game you will play as Spider-Man, big surprise, but you also get to play as 12 other characters including the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, the Sandman, and Venom ( It said you will also get to play as different heroes). You have to join forces with them as you go from Manhattan to Nepal, Italy, and Tokyo. The gameplay will be pretty much like the X-men Legends games and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, you can perform unique attacks with different character. For example Venom will hold an enemy while Spidey pounds away. The base of operations in this game will a helicarrier where you will go to upgrade your characters and you can go back to levels you have beaten and try to get the many unlockables scattered across the game. There are going to be many things in this game including co-op play and a versus mode where you can have the fights you've dreamed about, like the Green Goblin against Doc Ock. This is going to be a pretty cool game