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Posted:  03 Feb 2008 12:09
Rumors are spread about that there is a fan from Germany planning to jump off a famous bridge in a SPIDER-MAN costume for impressing the real actress of Mary Jane and getting a date with her. They say that he walked for her 300 miles from San Francisco to L.A. through California two years ago. Is there anybody who knows more about that guy? 

Greetings from Brussels, Spider-Minnie
Posted:  05 Feb 2008 12:53
Bridge Jump for Movie Star - One of my friends was told about this rumor, too, and she got it by another SPIDER-fan. Unfortunately she lost his address, but she remembers that he told her there would be a young action artist who wants to paint a common painting with the actress, for putting up it for public sale and spending the money for a medical treatment of a child with cancer. However, they let well inform him that he isn’t famous enough for a meeting with her, and they wouldn’t even inform her about his desire. The artist wants to make the bridge jump to get her informed by media frenzy growing out of it. Obviously, the “bridge jump action” is not as crazy as it may sound, as it would be for a noble purpose at least. “Mary Jane”, you should think about that. Have a heart!
Greetings from Vienna, Michael (Spidermick)
Posted:  27 Feb 2008 16:42
PRESS REPORT: Real "SPIDER-MAN" Plays "Superman" – First Bridge Jump for Hollywood-Star

He walked for his love 300 miles through California, donated her paintings and dedicated his WALK OF FLAME. Even his pilgrimage against female mutilation and for the rights of women in the Third World in connection with a collection of donations for amnesty international (1) didn't impress the young lady for whom Chris D. ((36)) is heading over heels in love, because he isn't "famous enough" for her. This could be the end of this story, but the perky action artist and sinologist comes up with a new idea for getting fulfilled the desire to create a common painting with the prominent Hollywood-Beauty:
"Finally, I didn't ask her to marry me right away. I just want to create a painting together with her for donating the profit of its sale to an incorporated society that helps children and juveniles having cancer. (2) Because she is a well-known person, a public auction of the painting would surely become very efficient, and finally, my heart's desire to meet her and to take a deep look in that ocean deep blue of her eyes would come true. There is no more I expect from her, but there is no less, too."
The young lady didn't get in touch till today. However, the belief of the enthusiastic fighter remains unshakeable. He really loves her, but he is not blind or mad of love. He just knows exactly what he wants, and he feels sportsmanlike challenged by the ambition to fight for the realisation of his desire.
In the process are gameness and hardiness his strongest goodness. Besides that, the strong-minded artist wants to resist the spirit of our age: "My desires may sound crazy, but why, anyway? The immense importance of the movie star icon around her person and the whole "dream factory" Hollywood wouldn't have any chance to exist if there wouldn't be spirited and courageous visionaries who are fighting for the realization of their dreams till becoming successfully, in spite of the mockeries by all adjusted persons and doubters, and their opposition in the beginning. The one may dream and use all his power to make lots of money, the other once maybe dreamt to become a famous movie star, and I just dream to win the heart of the cutest and together toughest young lady in the world. Do you really think that love is a less reputable matter than money or being famous? So what?
The opinion of the dominant masses convinced me never before, and I already struggle my whole life with all my power against every kind of 'alignment'. Nowadays there is apparently nearly nobody having own ideals. All seems to be in any order and super abounding. In addition to that, you find these horrible indifference and insensibility for everything and all, accompanied by that terrible pressure to consume. And far too many are lulled by that, suppress their childhood dreams instead, unlearn to resist the criteria of the "Mainstream", prefer to drag out their small-minded niche existence without any passion or enthusiasm, do what everybody else does, just because everybody else does, and they not even question it. All of it appears secured in a material way, and everything seems to be safe. Who is still fighting full of enthusiasm today, with a resolution of hundred percent for a very own desire, additionally with an insecure denouement without any guarantee for success? Those are, besides loving parents and other family members with a high sense of responsibility, only few top athletes and thoroughgoing idealists. However, it's not the majority of the people who is fighting for real love and passion. So, why should I follow the opinion of the masses? Never mind the movie star – I love just the real girl in the shadow of the spotlight, end of story!"
That is the point of view of the ambitious artist, who once chained (3) himself in the cupola of the Reichstag building (4) for protesting about arbitrariness on the part of official authorities against his parents, till the President of Germany, Johannes Rau, offered his help. Several years later demonstrated the artist under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin "against the silent repression of the meaning of human dignity out of modern society", caused a large-scale operation of police (5).
Now plans the keen artist on doing a new action: "I am intending to jump off a famous bridge with paradisiacal ocean view, worthily wearing a SPIDER-MAN costume over it. No, I absolutely have no intention to put an end to my life, and I am very aware of the dangers and risks involved. However, the monotonous life of lookers-on never fascinated me. Only daredevils own this world. I love this girl, and I want my chance!"
"Combat-experienced" SPIDER-MAN wishes that his jump will impress the greatest love of his life, and that she will fulfil his heart's desire...



(1) Because of a foot injury, the artist had to pause his pilgrimage from Germany to Santiago in Spain, after walking 650 kilometers via the Netherlands and Belgium to France. The collection of donations for amnesty international is going on, and the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela will be continued, too – and
http://amnesty-in-bewegung.de/ChristopheDidil ... . Irrespective of his love, the walking artist believes in the necessity of campaigning and fighting for the rights of women in the Third World.

(2) Foerderkreis fuer krebskranke Kinder und Jugendliche e.V. (incorporated society) – http://www.krebskranke-kinder-kiel.de/ .

(3) "The State destroys my family – please, help us!" (Der Staat zerstoert meine Familie – bitte helfen Sie uns!) – Title of the pamphlet on the "cupola sit-in", 07 Nov 1999; Letter of the administration of German Parliament, ZV 6/12-9070-53, 02 Feb 2000.

(4) Seat of German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) in Berlin.

(5) "How much is human dignity?" (Welchen Wert hat die Wuerde eines Menschen?) – Motto of the demonstration under the Brandenburg Gate, 01 Feb 2007 –
http://www.berlinonline.de/berliner-zeitung/a ...
Posted:  12 Mar 2008 15:15
Bridge Jump for Hollywood Actress – Interview with Jumper (Excerpt)


Q: You propose to do a jump off a famous bridge in order to impress the real actress of Spider-Man's girl friend, Mary Jane. You want to win her for the idea to create a painting together with you for a sale by auction for the benefit of an incorporated society that helps children with cancer.

A: That is right. All preparations have completely done, and date and place are already fixed. Referring to the jump event, I ask you to show understanding that I do not want to tell you more details in the moment.

Q: There is a notice in your press report that you have been fallen in love to the real person behind the movie star icon of the actress. Do you really think that in reality one person can fall in love to another person without ever having met her before?

A: Frankly spoken I was not able to believe this in former times when others told me, too! "They must be stupid or mad!" I thought by myself. However, 12 years ago, when I saw the "Jumanji" movie in cinema, suddenly something curious happened to me. I had never had such a strange experience in my life before. There was an intensive kind of "deja-vu" experience. I just thought, "I know this young lady in that movie for my whole life already. I just have seen her with the inner eye of my heart when I by myself had been a little child. All at once, I did know who she is. She is so brave, so powerful, together very sensitive and vulnerable, just like me. She feels just the same way about never to sell herself at any time, she is provided with a similar uncompromisingly strong, free will."  I was just able to think, "WOW!" I had no meeting with such a strong-minded person in my whole life before. It was just clear to me that I must get in touch with the girl, and I just did know at the same time that there was no way to do. She was just a teenager, a child, and I realized that nobody would believe me with my "deja-vu". One, who has never had such an intensive contact with his intuition, simply cannot be able to believe this, and this may well be the absolute majority of human beings. Besides that, I was not ready to believe by myself at that time. My rational sense controlled my emotions, and I did not believe in what they often call "feminine intuition", not at all I did! Therefore, I ignored my perception, tried to push it away.
Years later, I read an article about a young Hollywood star, and I had one "deja-vu" experience again. At that time I did not know that this movie star was exactly nobody else than the "Jumanji" girl years before. When I noted this later, I could not ignore it any longer, and I decided to do a WALK OF FLAME from San Francisco to L.A. in the summer of 2006 in order to gain first attention of the lady. Further efforts were following, and I donated her one painting. Unfortunately, all of this brought no success. Therefore, I am planning to do this bridge jump now. Finally, my intuition never failed in history, and I absolutely need to find out, if it is telling me the truth. There is no way for me to find my piece of mind before.


Q: Why are you so sure and staunched to continue this fight for her heart? Are you maybe sick or mad of love?

A: No, I am in no case lovesick. I can imagine a relationship to another woman, but not to another kind of lady. I only want one with a tough mind and a heart full of love. You need to know, I am a great admirer of Sophie Scholl. Just because there is existing such a strong-minded type of woman, there is no way for me to dedicate my heart to a woman of another kind. As more sensitive you are, as more difficult is it to find an adequate partner, whose character is not too weak or too soft for your needs. A wrong partner would even weaken you. My feelings for the actress are very deep, of course, but the power of my intuition is the stronger driving force than my love. Not to mention that my intuition told me, I just did not know anything else about that girl in the movie, and the more information I got about her later on, the more brought fundamental harmonies and accordance to the daylight.

Q: Can you give examples?

A: I just told a few of them. She has an absolutely own head with a free will. She never devotes her to the mainstream. She can be hard like steel and is nonetheless very delicate and sensitive, too. All of this makes her very vulnerable. Besides that, I know something about her, which is not to read elsewhere. Nearly without exception, she must have been together with adults when she was a child. Definitely, she found persons of the same age too boring and too dull. I think she was a genuine pert and forward tomboy, calling everything and all in question, finding own, independent answers – a real trouble for every adjusted person. Correspondingly, she will not have been too popular with the girls of her age. She is highly gifted and extremely sensitive, she does not subdue to the traditional gender role, she even emancipates and is strong-minded within the Women's Liberation, she is irksome, shows her own courage, and does not fear to offer a determined opposition against the majority. The most people are scared away by this, but I love her so much for her "terribly" adamant and difficult character. I understand her so much, there are not enough persons daring to act like her, because they would receive misunderstanding for the whole life. The most people like to react on unadjusted persons like her and me with condescending objection and condemnation. This hurts you in the long run …

Q: A short time ago, the actress had indeed a serious nervous break-down, and you had a collapse one year ago, too.

A: Unfortunately, we both even share this community. That is right. I understand her more than I am able to suffer, and I know her pain far too well. She had to fight with permanent over-pressure in her whole life, without a possibility for her overwrought emotional life to keep step and to grow with the breathtaking speed of her ascent and the shrill world around her. Her feelings are completely in a daze; her heart is empty and burned out. Now is she at the end of her tether, has lost her bearings, calls the aims in her life into question. In front of her eyes is a dead-end, and she cannot find an answer by herself in the moment. The beautiful facade around her soul, which made every effort to show perfection, and, at the same time, crushed her inner life nearly to death, broke down just in time. Although she had a collapse just before, she indeed remained to be a girl of character, provided with a strong soul. I even proceed on the assumption that she forced her collapse in part deliberately to set her soul free from all stress and obligation combined with the movie star icon around her real person. She found no other way out and put on the emergency brake finally. Well! She is strong and able to recover, but she could just as well forever break under not getting the right partner who really understands and loves her. My intuition tells me all of this about her, and I believe that it is true. Actually, my situation is not very different. I just can find stability together with a woman, who is provided with a strong nature and backbone, who, if necessary, would prefer to give her life instead of her clear conscience, who will never abandon her free will. I am very sure that my great love can only find inner stability and shelter with a partner, who feels likewise. Without freedom, we would choke. However, we only need a partner who dares to set limits to our liberty, where we WANT and NEED to become subdued lovingly. All of this sounds very paradoxical. We even belong to a group of persons with a very complicated inner life, which makes it so difficult to find the right partner. And we both are fated that we can find the happiness of our life only when we meet with a person who is able to find an access to our deepest feelings without any hint and help, and who is able to restore our wounded hearts to life.


Q: Don't you think it is crazy just to do a bridge jump for the actress? You could become hurt or even die, though.

A: This goes to show that my belief in my intuition is stronger than in everything else, and my willingness to follow is an absolute one. I trust in God, and I am sure, nothing will happen to me. Indeed, the fight for her heart changed my mind in a fundamental way. I never believed that I could fight so tough and so hard. I took my leave of the shallow and brainwashed consumer philosophy of life in Western World long ago. The traditional self-possession and morale of Japanese Samurais is quite more substantial and fascinating for me. It is all the same, if you win or fail, do or die. What only matters is that you always do your best. Everything else is entirely up to God.
Q: Mr "Spider-Man", we thank you for this unparalleled interview. We wish you all success in your efforts to win the heart of the love of your life.
Posted:  07 Apr 2008 10:48
Dear Kirsten,

once I stood on a high bridge and looked at the water deep under me. In the previous weeks and months, I mentally prepared to do my bridge jump in a way that I felt no fear any more. I was absolutely ready to jump. However, my inner voice held me back suddenly. My intuition told me, "Christophe, you do not need to jump for giving Kirsten an evidence of your true love! There are other ways to show her your love than to risk your life. If Kirsten is indeed the right girl for you, having a great heart, being able to give you love and happiness, she will never claim from you to risk your life for her. Find another way to show her your love!"

These words of my inner voice held me back: My intuition is definitely right, doubtless. Finally, I am a real human being, and I am not invulnerable like SPIDER-MAN. Besides that, I would not have done you a favour with my jump. What would have happened, if I had found death? The Yellow Press saw a great chance to get a sensational story in connection with your name, and they made me enticing offers, sounding quite lucrative, in relation to my jump and becoming known as action artist. However, it wasn't difficult for me to resist the temptation, because I neither want to make business with your name nor with my love to you. My love is neither saleable, nor open to bribery, too. I always kept my own head and never bowed my free, independent will. I would have sold myself, if I would accept the offers of the Yellow Press, and if I would do the bridge jump in order to sell the story, because I would act against my own character and its very candid intentions. Therefore, I have decided to dismiss this story. I will definitely NEVER do a jump off a high bridge. Kirsten, just don't regard me as a coward now. I still believe in the honest values and virtues of traditional Japanese samurai, who are even ready to give their life for a high ideal. In my opinion is true love such a high ideal, without any doubt it is. However, I don't think that it can be the right way to risk my life unnecessarily, and to risk harming others as well. Moreover, I don't believe that a man who happy-go-lucky risks his life is really able to give you with your actual so complicated emotional situation any inner stability and shelter. Indeed, you need a powerful and brave partner by your side, who loves your strong points and who gives you stability in your weak points as well. Kirsten, my love is honest, and I want to give you every stability and shelter you need. I can only undertake to proof if you give me one chance. I need only one chance. Give me this one chance to show you, Kirsten! My intuition never failed, and my inner voice once told me that you are my Mrs Right. Now it asked me not to jump off the bridge, but to search for another way to your heart! Kirsten, I will search this way until I find. In the meanwhile, you will see that I am indeed not less stiff-necked and adamant than you. I will never stop to fight for your attention, because I just want you to fulfil my heart's desire. As long as I don't get back my inner rest, I can and will never keep silence! However, I will only use ways to your heart, which neither endanger my life nor hurt your dignity. Give me a chance so that I can get certainty, finally! Is there anything we both can loose?

In the case that it comes to the daylight that my intuition failed, I will break off contact willingly, and I will immediately stop every further effort to win your attention.

Should become apparent that you are my Mrs Right who is able to return my feelings, then I will do every effort to brighten your heart and let the sunshine come back into it.

Kirsten, just fulfil my heart's desire to meet you once in my life and to create a common painting with you for the benefit of a society helping children with cancer. There is nothing for you to loose. We both will win quite more than you could buy with all your money - at least a close friendship!

May there be a good friend or acquaintance of yours, who finds this letter from me for you in the internet, and who is so kind to forward it to you.

Herzliche Gruesse aus Deutschland, dem Lande Deiner Vorfahren

Dein Christophe Didillon, who once walked for you 300 miles from San Francisco to L.A., and dedicated his WALK OF FLAME.


www.google.de > WALK OF FLAME