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Posted:  28 May 2005 23:49   Last Edited By: trfrady
Don't forget to check out the Fox Spiderman cartoon section. Fox Spiderman
Posted:  08 Apr 2006 22:19
this was the best version of spiderman i have ever known... i think i'll get the dvd of this series
Posted:  13 Apr 2006 16:09
Shameless plug!
And remember kids if it's about Spiderman and it's on dvd, it's at
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  28 Oct 2006 11:40
Could you please tell me where I could find those 5 seasons of the fox kids series? I have been searching and the only way I can download is through bittorrent. While this works, it is too slow because I am downloading from varsity and am using a few tricks because bittorrent is supposed to be blocked. A direct downlod site would be great because I'd have them in no time. Please could anyone who has this information help me?
Posted:  01 Nov 2006 21:24
Don't know on that. I keep hoping they'll put it on a season by season set.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  05 Jan 2007 05:55
Yeah same here, I could go for the the 90's Spidey and X-Men cartoons on DVD. I don't know why they're waiting, the Fantastic Four cartoon from 94-95 came out on DVD 2 summers ago, and it wasnt near as good as the Spiderman and X-Men cartoons.
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