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Posted:  02 Oct 2010 15:08   Last Edited By: trfrady
Maybe I'm just a cheap old codger, but I've also been a Spidey fan since the mid-1960s through thick and thin (clones included). However, I had always chosen to only regularly purchase Amazing Spider-Man [most recently by subscription] unless a particularly-good crossover required an occasional purchase of Web or Spectacular. Then came One More Day / Brand New Day and the simultaneous cancellation of the two sister books while publishing 3 issues of Amazing per month. I reluctantly endured what would have been a 12-issue subscription expiring in 4 months for 2 years in hope that they would return to the once-monthly schedule. I no longer felt inclined to incur the tripled cost and have since allowed my subscription to lapse after a near half-century of loyal readership. Anyone else similarly discouraged by 3 ASMs per month?
Posted:  12 Oct 2010 21:13
I can certainly understand where your coming from. Awfully expensive keeping up with 3 books a month these days. I sure do miss the old days when comics were so much cheaper.
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Posted:  01 Apr 2011 20:12   Last Edited By: CobWebs
Can I edit my older posts here? I don't see the option on my first post. Just noticed I mistakenly typed half-decade when I meant to type half-Century. Slight difference there!
Posted:  05 Apr 2011 15:24
I fixed it for you. Normal settings of the board allow editing within a few minutes of posting, but not later on.
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