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Posted:  09 Sep 2005 18:10
I found this surfing on the net.

Topher Grace will play the immortal VENOM... Thomas Haden Church will in fact play SANDMAN... James Franco will play HOBGOBLIN and not the Green Goblin II (like in the comics).

This is probably just more rumors but if it's true then I'll bet Venom is going to be more of the opposite side of the coin of Peter Parker. Obviously he's not going to be a big bruiser like the comic book version. I mean if you've seen "That 70's Show" you know Topher is a real skinny guy. He's about the same age as Tobey, so it's got to be something along the lines of Topher plays Peter's friend who ends up going down the road of villainy, but he's going to be really close to the edge. He might be teedering on the brink of being good as much as turning to the dark side.
Posted:  07 Nov 2005 19:49
Has anybody noticed Topher Grace seems to be missing from That Seventies Show? I guess he decided to quit.