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Posted:  23 Mar 2011 16:14
"The citizens of Manhattan -- including some of Spidey's closest allies and deadliest foes -- begin exhibiting the web-slinger's very own powers! But as Spider-Man must stop a seemingly insurmountable super-powered crime wave, he must also find out just who's responsible for mutating Manhattan...and the truth will irrevocably alter his world."

Marvel is offering a full-length lead-in to Spider-Island in a special issue of Amazing Spider-Man, available for free on Free Comic Book Day on May 7.

"Back when Slott launched Spider-Man into the Big Time last year, he started laying the groundwork for possibly the biggest Spider-Man story you've ever seen," said editor Stephen Wacker. "The price of power is high for heroes and villains. The Avengers, the FF, Venom, Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, the Sinister Six and even you are connected to ol' Web-Head in new ways. By the end of this story, we're going to see what Spider-Man means to Marvel Universe and just how far he'll go to keep it safe...including some life-changing choices that have major consequences."

The story has a prelude in Amazing Spider-Man #666 before launching in #667.

source: http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/1103/23/index.htm
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