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Posted:  12 Oct 2011 16:36
In stores today.


Written by: Dan Slott.

Art by: Humberto Ramos.

Cover by: Humberto Ramos.

Description: "Spider-Island," part five. Mary Jane Watson finally spiders-up! Plus a giant battle pitting brother against brother.

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Posted:  08 Nov 2011 07:28   Last Edited By: rustyfelix
That is too exciting to read.
Posted:  08 Nov 2011 07:37   Last Edited By: trfrady
This looks makes me hope that this episode of the comic thriller will be more interesting, can you post the link from where i can get the full comic of this episode.
Posted:  15 Nov 2011 08:53   Last Edited By: trfrady
You can purchase this addition from any book comics stores which is famous in your city.
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