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Posted:  25 Oct 2011 16:54
The Vulture is set to return in Amazing Spider-Man #674, but who are the mysterious characters using similar tech and what exactly is Spidey up to?! Find out in this first unlettered preview of the upcoming issue...
THE VULTURE RETURNS! It's a brave new city! As the costs of Spider-Island continue to rise, Spidey’s first enemy returns! High-rise robberies and teenaged jumpers force Spidey into a high flying new adventure…with a less than friendly partner.

Posted:  28 Oct 2011 11:33
Oh sounds exciting! The story is quite diffrent rather than other common one. I heard in spider man will be die in the next issue of comic? Is it true?
Posted:  02 Nov 2011 07:48   Last Edited By: trfrady
Are you nuts....! can any super hero specially spiderman die in any of there comics?
Posted:  18 Nov 2011 14:12
He won't die for the whole story in between somehow he will be back and will be back with a BANG
Airport Car Parking
Posted:  19 Nov 2011 09:46   Last Edited By: trfrady
Its very nice story.I have seen its last version.When this new addition will release?
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