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Will Peter Parker Meet Ultimate Spider-man Miles Morales? Message Board

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Spiderman Forum / Spiderman / Spiderman Comic Books / Will Peter Parker Meet Ultimate Spider-man Miles Morales?

Posted:  03 Feb 2012 16:37
Comicbookresrouces is speculating that the Ultimate Spider-man and regular continuity Spider-man might have a crossover. If so that sounds pretty interesting. Anytime you have characters from alternate worlds meeting it's usually a interesting story to read. I grew up with all those JSA/JLA crossovers and I never could get enough. Below are some of the comments from comicbookresources.

Showcasing the combined emblems of both "Amazing Spider-Man's" Peter Parker and "Ultimate Comics: Spider Man's" Miles Morales, the teaser simply states "Spider-Men" with a June 2012 release date. Although the teaser heavily implies a crossover between Peter Parker and Miles Morales, there is so far no evidence to support the theory.

Since the inception of the Ultimate line in 2000 with "Ultimate Spider-Man," there has never been a crossover between the mainstream Marvel U and the Ultimate Universe. Considering the popularity of Miles Morales and the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man" film, it's understandable the publisher would put an event into the works involving an interaction between Miles and Peter Parker to draw in new readers fresh from the movie. Is it possible Marvel will publish the first-ever crossover between the mainstream Marvel Universe and the Ultimate books come June 2012?

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Posted:  11 Apr 2012 15:03
It has today been revealed that the 616 version of Peter Parker WILL indeed meet up with the Ultimate Universe's Miles Morales in the previously teased "Spider-Men" event.


New York Daily News has confirmed that Marvel will release a five issue mini-series, "Spider-Men," this July when a common villain brings together Peter Parker and Miles Morales. This is the first time that the two different universes have had any sort of crossover, making it a historic meeting in more ways than one. "For the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man, what everyone was looking for was a Spider-Man story that mattered," reveals writer Brian Michael Bendis.
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