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Babe Pig Actor to Play in Spidey 3 Message Board

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Posted:  06 Feb 2006 18:29
James Cromwell is set to walk the beat in "Spider-Man 3" as Captain Stacy, the father of Bryce Dallas Howard's character.

In the "Amazing Spider-Man" comic books, Stacy dies a heroic death as he saves a child during a battle between Spider-Man and another supervillain. Peter Parker love interest Gwen Stacy (Howard) ends up blaming Spider-Man for her father's death.

Awesome, he's that guy that talked to the talking pig on the movie Babe. Remember the line, "That will do pig, that will do." A highly recommended family flick that even old Oscar liked.
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Posted:  12 Feb 2006 17:18
gwen's gonna be in it?
i have a bad feeling they might kill off mj in replacement for stacy, but then again, they've already done 2 movies with stacy, and i doubt they'd get that off of the comics story line
i fergot about these, other smilies trfrady