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Posted:  24 Feb 2006 22:45
Here's a look at then black spiderman suit for spiderman 3. It looks like spiderman regular costume only black. http://superherouniverse.com/images/black-suit.jpg

The question is shouldn't it look more like the secret wars venom version?


Heres more from the official movie site - http://www.spider-man-movie.com/
Posted:  27 Apr 2006 19:59   Last Edited By: superman06
I thought the same thing at first that the suit should look like the secret war one,

but there ouvessly not going with the secret war stoyline.  and it all depends on how they work it into the movie, making it a more monern and realistic. also, a good way to thought about, is that if it is infact a sybont and it canm read he thoughts, wouldn't the suit look like what he wants it to, IE, his same old suit, only it in black.
Posted:  27 Apr 2006 20:35
That's true but I think it might have been a little cooler for it to look like the original black suit. After all they stayed true to the original Spiderman suit so I'm a little surprised, I guess.

Did you make that pic? That would be cool to put on this site.
Posted:  28 Apr 2006 02:00   Last Edited By: superman06
Did you make that pic? That would be cool to put on this site.

no it was posted on aintitcool.com
here's another one I found so, ya, the original style like that would total work and look pretty cool, but we will just have to waite and see what they do in the movie. I think they were trying to keep it recognizable for the none comic fans of the movies, where if they just released this kinda pic and a promotional poster, people many not get the connection, but as far as the movies it self goes, I think as long as the introduce and set it up properly even none comics would get it.

Posted:  28 Apr 2006 19:02
I think this one looks better. It's perfect.

I do understand one aspect of the new movie version being different and that's the kind of material. The material of the black suit in comics might look  a little sissy on the movie screen, but the material on this one looks rough like something a Navy Seal might wear to dive in.

If they had just kept the big white spider symbol it would have been perfect, just like it is in this picture.
Posted:  07 May 2006 02:21
the new black suit looks amazing though
cant wait til Spiderman 3
May 4 2007
Posted:  07 May 2006 02:29
i think that the new one looks great but i would have to go with the one from the secret wars... its just the classic and its awesome.
Posted:  26 Jul 2006 17:19   Last Edited By: superman06
have you seen the new posters,

and here's a colored verison of the venom one I did
Posted:  27 Jul 2006 17:55
Awesome dude thanks spiderman 3 is going to rock.
Posted:  07 Aug 2006 02:35
Yeah I love the one that looks just like the secret wars suit but you can pretty much tell by the look of the feet tht its just an original thats been tampered with I think........I've worked a lot with photo shop not an expert but I know how tampered things look...........like a counterfeit dollar
Posted:  07 Aug 2006 14:15
Thanks for stopping by Webheaded. Got any Spiderman photo shop images?
Posted:  19 Nov 2006 20:18
spider man is the best!
oooo yea, spidey rocks
Spider Man Rocks!!!

Posted:  22 Nov 2006 19:49
I like the white symbol I wish they would have kept it. If they would have kept it it would make the new suit better but the new is cool to.
Posted:  12 Feb 2007 03:01
i think that they should always stick 2 the originals.
Posted:  13 Feb 2007 20:31
woah. that tounge just moved!
Posted:  13 Feb 2007 20:32
it move again!
Posted:  13 Feb 2007 20:40
there it moved!
Posted:  15 Feb 2007 18:48
It's a animated gif