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Posted:  05 Jun 2012 04:12
I saw an article online that said there is a good possibility Venom could be in the sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man. It got me thinking and I came up with an interesting, new, re-invented storyline and ideal cast. Here it is:

(new characters only)

Eddie Brock/Venom
Dominic Purcell

Reason: I think he has the right build and look for the character, and good enough acting skills to pull off every aspect of the character.

Mary Jane Watson
Nina Dobrev

Reason: I think she has the perfect combination of good-looks and acting skills, and if you give her dark red-auburn hair she looks enough like the part.

Silver Sable
Laura Vandervoort

Reason: She is a fantastic actress with fantastic looks, and has a second-degree black belt. Perfect for Silver Sable.

The Chameleon
Michael Fassbender


Reason: He is an amazing new actor, most notably in X-Men: First Class and Prometheus, and no one knows what Chameleon looks like, so it works.

Norman Osborn
Willem Dafoe

Reason: I know he already played this character, and it was not the best portrayal of the character, but I still cannot picture the character played by anyone else, and I think he'd do a much better job in this version of Spider-Man's story.

Harry Osborn
Alex Pettyfer

Reason: I think he looks like Willem Dafoe, sort of, is a good actor, and fits Harry's character well.

Edward Brock Senior
Ed Norton

Reason: I think he is a good actor and I can picture him in the role and how it fits into the story I have come up with.

CIA Agent #1
Jason Statham

Reason: Um...any better sugestions???

CIA Agent #2
Idris Elba

Reason: Because he is a horribly under-rated actor who I think not only fits this role well, but deserves a few more good roles with more screen time to get him on the radar.

Plot Summary:

Peter Parker discovers a new twist to his parents' past, and uncovers a conspiracy that
not only puts him, but everyone he loves at stake. A conspiracy called "Project: Venom." Soon he becomes target of a man inhanced and poisoned by an alien symbiote and hellbent on revenge and Russian spies of an unknown agency.

I have plenty more details in my head, but it'd be too much to post them all.
Posted:  05 Jun 2012 15:30
Jason Statham would be a great addition.

Dominic Purcell is a great actor too. Prison Break was a awesome show.
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Posted:  05 Jun 2012 22:21
Yeah, it was.
Posted:  11 Jun 2012 06:21
I think Jason would be the best for this role as he has a good personality.

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