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Can someone fill me in on the Astonishing Spider-man? Message Board

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Spiderman Forum / Spiderman / Spiderman Comic Books / Can someone fill me in on the Astonishing Spider-man?

Posted:  06 Jun 2012 21:03
hey guys, i started collecting the astonishing spider-man comics back in 2009 during the marvel civil war but i had to stop after aunt may was shot i think the last issue i have is called back in black. Well anyway, i was just wondering if anyone could fill me in on what has happened since then because i might get a subscription. i sorta know what happened with one more day and brand new day but it would be really awesome if someone could tell me whats happened!
Posted:  07 Jun 2012 15:30

Well the short version is in order to save Aunt May, Spider-man makes a deal with the devil which wipes away all history of him ever having been married to Mary Jane.

Here's a bit from wiki

Following this, Marvel made The Amazing Spider-Man the company's sole Spider-Man title, increasing its frequency of publication to three issues monthly, and inaugurating the series with a sequence of "back to basics" story arcs under the banner of "Brand New Day". Parker now exists in a changed world where he and Mary Jane had never married, and Parker has no memory of being married to her, with domino effect differences in their immediate world. The most notable of these revisions to Spider-Man continuity are the return of Harry Osborn, whose death in The Spectacular Spider-Man #200 (May 1993) is erased; and the reestablishment of Spider-Man's secret identity, with no one except Mary Jane able to recall that Parker is Spider-Man (although he soon reveals his secret identity to the New Avengers and the Fantastic Four).

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Posted:  08 Jun 2012 00:56
i kinda knew that but thanks anyway lol. So are the issues after brand new day any good?
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 21:53
Pretty good. The story arc where Mary Jane and Peter go over their old history is pretty interesting.
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Posted:  12 Jun 2012 18:42
i might just get a subscription to the amazing spiderman, ends of the earth looks immense!

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