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Posted:  28 Jun 2012 16:13   Last Edited By: Tim
The Amazing Spider-Man Webshooter Featurette

Find out a little bit about Spider-man's webshooters from the movie. This of course will be the first time the webshooters appear on a movie as the last trilogy gave Spider-man organic shooters instead of the classic comic book shooters.

You know you have to wonder just how much of a genius is Peter Parker because I'm not sure webshooters are possible even with today's technology. It's not really the mechanics of the shooter in question, it's the chemical composition of the web. Parker would have to be a major genius in chemistry to create a sticky substance like webbing that can fit into a small web cartridge and then expand once it hits air. I know too much thought into it, but the more I think about it, the more I realize whey Sam Raimi went with the organic shooters. He might have thought through the technical difficulties of the shooters if they were in the real world.

Having said that I always kind of enjoyed it in the comics when Spidey would run out of web and have to come up with other ways to survive a fall or get around town. Makes it just a little more chance of danger for the wall crawler and puts an unknown factor into the story.
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