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Posted:  16 Mar 2006 02:14
My 2 1/2 year old son is nuts over the animated spiderman series. (I admit it brings back memories for me as well. lol)
Anyway, I'm trying to find where I can get full series for all the animated shows that have aired through the years. I currently have been able to download all 5 seasons of the fox kids series, as well as "some" of the original 67, series. But have yet to find Amazing Friends, the 80's Spiderman, MTV spiderman, or Spiderman Unlimited.
Any ideas where I can find all this either for purchase or download? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Posted:  16 Mar 2006 17:25
Spiderman and his amazing friends have been showing on the family channel on saturday morning at least it was on last saturday morning and I've noticed on the weekends it appearing on Cartoon Disney. You could probably get it taped off of those channels eventually. Also unlimited spiderman has been known to show up sometimes on the family channel from time to time.

You can buy the mtv spiderman here http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000V ... from amazon and of course the 67 cartoon dvd set is there as well
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0001I ...

Spideystore.com has a list of spidey dvds

I recently watched an entire episode of amazing friends at youtube.com featuring the Red Skull http://youtube.com/results?search=spiderman&s ...   Not sure if how to download it permanently to your computer from there though.

If you don't mind me asking where did you download the entire Fox series?
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  16 Mar 2006 18:59
Thanks for the info. But,
I do not have the disney or family channels.
Is the 67 cartoon complete? With all three seasons?
What I've downloaded is mostly season one with only a couple of episodes of season two.

Use a bittorrent client. Do a search and download if available. It's free, but you do have to share.
Posted:  16 Mar 2006 23:22   Last Edited By: Tim
Acording to the description it contains all 52 episodes in the '67 set.

I'm hoping for a dvd release of spiderman &  his amazing friends.

Is the quality good on those downloaded episodes. Good enough to put on a dvd? I'm not familiar with bittorrent client. Where do you get it?
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  28 Oct 2006 11:39
hi cogeme22. Could you please tell me where I could find those 5 seasons of the fox kids series? I have been searching and the only way I can download is through bittorrent. While this works, it is too slow because I am downloading from varsity and am using a few tricks because bittorrent is supposed to be blocked. A direct downlod site would be great because I'd have them in no time. Please could you or anyone else who has this information help me?
Posted:  09 May 2007 17:16
hey guys,id say everyone is looking for the spiderman animated series coz i was just mad about them when i was younger,i still am,can anyone tell me where to get the 5 seasons of the animated series,it would be like christmas come early for me, thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  26 May 2007 02:16
let me know what you find out. Ive been looking for weeks for the same thing. I grew up with spidey in the early 70's and my son now 5 is spiderman crazy. The early shows where for once less voilent than the current one's (go figure). I will keep looking and let you know if I find anything. I've seen a few things on e-bay but they did'nt sound right. Jim
Posted:  19 Jun 2007 05:47
hey i have a website that would give u well all the episods and u can watch them online cuz i do that everyday but i dont kno if i should give it out cuz itll spread liek krzy. but the website is www.tv-links.co.uk.

click on cartoons adn look for spiderman animated there u go.
Posted:  04 Dec 2007 20:08
my friend it is a magical place called ebay