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Posted:  24 Mar 2006 16:03
Sony Pictures is targeting Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby as the film you'll see the Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer with! It's a NASCAR action comedy, starring Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Sascha Baron Cohen, Gary Cole and Michael Clarke Duncan, will be released in theaters on Friday, August 4th.

It is unsure if you'll get to see the teaser online before that date and things can always change, so stay tuned.

Sounds like a strange movie to introduce a Spiderman Trailer. Doesn't it?
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  20 Apr 2006 01:00   Last Edited By: superman06
a video comic book style semi trialer, I made, what do you think.
Posted:  21 Apr 2006 17:06
Pretty neat. Looks like it took a lot of work to piece all that together. I haven't seen it done that way for a video clip before.
Thanks for sharing it on the board.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  21 Apr 2006 17:46
I am working on updating it alil, sound, music, stuff like that i'll post it in the next couple of days
Posted:  22 Apr 2006 04:02

what do you think.
BTW: any sugestions to improve for as I update the rest of it, feel free to share
Posted:  22 Apr 2006 18:45
The only thing I can think of. It seemed like in the first link when I watched it there were a few times the words were too small to read, but that was only a couple of places.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  23 Apr 2006 05:27
(the balck suite) I'll post the other's as I finish them.
Posted:  24 Apr 2006 06:11
Heres a updated version of the video,
I am done updating them.
(it just will take longer to buffer)
Posted:  25 Apr 2006 17:07
That's really neat. I like the Venom animation at the end where it comes alive and covers his face.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  25 Apr 2006 21:21   Last Edited By: superman06

of course I cann't take all the creds for this pic
I got it from http://spiderman-web.com/spiderman/wallpaper/ ...
  made by "Randy"

as you can see I made it biger and wider and then I made the venom covering his face.
Posted:  26 Apr 2006 17:11
Yeah I knew it was from one of the pictures here on the site. I don't think Randy would care.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  27 Apr 2006 05:19   Last Edited By: superman06
made a green gobin storyline, it kinda goes along with tghe other storylines, but it would be like page 3 1/2, before the venom ending.
Posted:  27 Apr 2006 20:38
Neat have you considered putting them on the youtube.com site. They have a code you can insert into other sites so you can the video on any site you want.

I could put it on this site with their code.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  09 May 2006 06:44   Last Edited By: superman06
I just finished up on the final page (I had the day off so I figured why not) so,   I guess it would make it the new page 5. now that I am done I'll look into maybe puting it on "Youtube" (I didn't try it yet cause I wsn't sure if i still wanted to do any work on it or not)
Posted:  09 May 2006 15:42
Good job, that sonic wave effect was cool!
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  05 Jun 2006 19:58
dude tim was right that is cool.