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Posted:  06 May 2006 03:59
I wasn't sure where else to place this, but since the parade is televised on NBC...

A few months ago, I wrote a petition on PetitionOnline.com with the intention of bringing back the Spider-Man balloon to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  My other option is to have a Marvel Comics-themed float in the parade.  Both options have received a considerable amount of support, but I still need people to sign.  If you wish to help, please visit the following link:

http://www.petitiononline.com/mrvl2099/petiti ...

Once you have signed, please make it your business to let other people know about my petition so that they may be able to sign it as well.  Also, please feel free to post whatever ideas or comments you may have regarding my petition.  I am always interested in the input.

Sign up today, and let your voice be heard!
Posted:  06 May 2006 15:28
I had no idea Spidey's balloon was in trouble. Thanks for the info.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  08 May 2006 17:38
No problem, Tim.

UPDATE: The current total is now...299 signatures!  Let's keep it up!