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Posted:  24 May 2006 00:21
What will happen in the movie and how does venom get to spidey?
Posted:  24 May 2006 22:56
We don't know, but we do know that Topher Grace from that 70's show will be Venom and Sandman will be there as well.
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Posted:  14 Aug 2006 12:48
ALot of the spiderman 3 from what i've seen seems to be based on the 90s fox kids cartoon. If you ever watched the series and the symbiote episodes you'll know what i am talking about

still looks good though
Posted:  15 Aug 2006 16:08
Yep, on the cartoon the symbiote came from outerspace when a space shuttle crashed into a bridge. That would actually make a very awesome movie scene.
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