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Posted:  27 May 2006 23:08
The latest Spiderman issue 532 features complete chaos for our webslinger when the real world hits the Marvel Universe big time.

****Caution  a little bit of a Spoiler not much***

The government wants all heroes to take off their masks or face jail time, freezing of all assets, and the arrests of their friends and family who might be aiding the heroes in the concealment of their idenities.

Peter Parker having given his word to stand by Tony Stark has agreed to go along with Tony's support of this government measure. Aunt May encourages Peter to go public and at the very end Peter stands before a large crowd dressed as Spiderman and seems about to unmask.. to be continued.

I can't wait that long! Man I hate to be continued. The Civil War storyline is way too stressful and realistic for my taste. Bold move on Marvel's plot. I think it takes some real skill to write our heroes into facing a more real life type political problem like this one.
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Posted:  10 Jun 2006 01:33
Posted:  13 Jun 2006 17:13
Right it's very frustrating, is it not?
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Posted:  18 Sep 2006 12:15
yeah it is
Posted:  18 Sep 2006 12:17
I have been collecting spider-man comics for 2 years and civil war is a impacting story!
Posted:  18 Sep 2006 12:17   Last Edited By: spidey5917
its ok
Posted:  20 Sep 2006 17:14
Posted:  25 Sep 2006 17:08
dude why did you say that for no apparently logical reason. You know I would appreciate any comments you have on Spiderman but what's up with meaningless almost swearing?

Let's get this board going with some meaningful Spidey info and convos here.

thank you, thank you very much
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Posted:  19 Nov 2006 00:03
I think it is terrible that spidey has to reveal his identity.
Posted:  19 Jan 2007 18:11
Posted:  13 Apr 2007 23:40
my god!
Posted:  15 Sep 2007 11:06
spider man revealing his identity has made some great reading,
Posted:  19 Sep 2007 15:25
Do you think they are going to kill off Mary Jane now?
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Posted:  17 Nov 2007 04:13
i really hope that they dont kill off mary jane or aunt may however i also think that it would be funny if jameson took peter to court.
Posted:  28 Jun 2008 04:41
I t think that it was a horrible mistake for Parker to revail his idenity, but you also got to look at the moral ramifications that has made him one of the greatest super heros of our generation.
Posted:  01 Oct 2008 19:53
they said that jameson like peter but he hides it wel
Posted:  18 Sep 2009 03:47
I think it makes for good reading with Peter revealing that he is spider man, or the other way around however you want to look at it... But I think it removes some of the secrecy that is great about a superhero.
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Posted:  30 Oct 2009 13:44
i think that it is worng for a hero to revile his nullidenity

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