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Posted:  25 Jul 2006 19:07
Guys I haven't got into the whole Civil War series but I got my issue of Spiderman today issue 534 and Spidey is fighting Cap over the new government policies from the Civil War. Cap is going on what he thinks is right and Spidey on what's legal.

I like that contrast.

I'm not too crazy about Spiderman giving up his identity as part of this Civil War storyline.

Anyway get Spiderman 534 this is an awesome fight scene between Cap and Spidey.
Posted:  18 Sep 2006 12:22
im lovin the new spidey costume
Posted:  19 Sep 2006 15:43
Would you be mad if they never changed back to the old costume though?
Posted:  19 Nov 2006 00:09
Spider-man would win.I like new costume better.