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Posted:  27 Aug 2006 22:32
Here's a free article I wrote for some of the free article websites out there. If you happen to have your own website and would like to use it please link to Spiderman-web.com somewhere in the page with the article. Thanks.

Why Spider-Man is the Number One Movie Superhero

Spider-Man the movie came out in 2002, breaking records with a over $114 million in one weekend. It finished with over $400 million in the US alone. The sequel ended it's run with just a little less, with a little over $373 million in the US. Compare that to Superman Returns' take at $192 million currently which may squeeze out a few million more before it's done at the box office. Batman Begins made it to $205 million, X-men's last movie X3 made $233 million, and the big green money making machine the Hulk made $132 million. All respectable numbers, but compared to Spidey there just isn't any comparison.

So what's Spider-Man got that the others don't? Spider-Man isn't the strongest superhero; that goes to Superman and the Hulk. He isn't necessarily the smartest; that would have to go to Batman. He's not as bad as Wolverine. So, what makes kids and adults alike flock to see Spider-Man in such great numbers?

Maybe it's Peter Parker, Spider-Man's alter ego. Audiences relate to Parker's struggles. He comes across as a real person, who just happens to end up with incredible powers. Tobey Maguire does a great job portraying Peter Parker's emotions, from his highs to his lows, throughout both Spider-Man movies. When Uncle Ben dies, the audience feels the pain of Peter Parker. Spider-Man isn't portrayed as a overconfident hero who feels he might be somehow above us mere mortals, but behaves as insecure and backward as we all do at times.

The other reason Spider-Man beats out the competition is Sam Raimi, director of Spider-Man, who related well to the material, being a big Spider-Man fan himself. Raimi is also a big fan of the Three Stooges, and he created the fan favorite "Army of Darkness" that relies heavily on good old slapstick comedy. The star of "Army of Darkness," Bruce Campbell, is a longtime friend of Raimi and has made cameo appearances in both Spider-Man movies. Having a real fan who also knows how to make great movies is key to bringing a superhero film to the big screen. No one can hope to completely capture the imagination of not only the core comic book audience, but also your average Joe, if the director doesn't completely get what he's making. Sam Raimi gets it. If someone other than a big Spider-Man comic book fan had gotten the reigns of the movie, another superhero would be at the top of the list. Raimi has been quoted as saying, "I love the Spider-Man character. And that's what's at the heart of it."

Fans, get ready, Spider-Man 3 is coming in summer 2007. Sam Raimi is back directing with actors Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco coming back again. Newcomers to the Spider-Man franchise include Thomas Haden Church, best known for his work on the sitcoms "Wings" and "Ned and Stacey," who will be playing Sandman, one of Spidey's oldest foes. Topher Grace from "That 70's Show" will be portraying Venom, the opposite side of the coin from Spider-Man.

End of article

I would greatly appreciate any opinions about the article. Tell us why you think Spider-Man is the number one box office movie hero.
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