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Thomas Haden Church as the Next Spidey Villain Message Board

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Posted:  11 May 2005 21:55
What do you all think of Thomas Haden Church being the major villain in the next Spiderman movie? His previous roles include the bad guy for George of the Jungle, the tv show Ned and Stacey, and remember Lowell Mather from Wings. What seemed to get attention called to him is a movie called "Sideways" of which I have not seen. I just can't see the guy as a major evil villain, but I haven't seen this Sideways movie either so I just don't know.

Also I thought he was going to play the Sandman, but I've also read he could be playing Venom. I always thought of the Sandman as a large construction worker type. So you'd figure a ex football player or wrestler would get the part.
Posted:  12 May 2005 22:00
Thomas Haden Church might make a Venom the sandman  is a stupid name