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Posted:  17 Nov 2006 02:46
On his way to deciding what kind of superhero he wants to be, Clark Kent decides to try his hand at climbing webs like Spider-man. Unfortunately, the results are less than to be desired. Maybe someone should tell him he can fly. Naaa!
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Posted:  22 Nov 2006 19:33
That would be very diffrent.I don't like it.
Posted:  22 Nov 2006 19:35
But it I like the pic.
Posted:  12 Feb 2007 02:59
that would take sum getting used 2, but its still a VERY bad idea.
Posted:  12 Feb 2007 02:59
Posted:  16 Feb 2007 05:05
Posted:  05 Feb 2008 16:38
I think I'd shoot myshelf