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Posted:  18 Nov 2006 23:11   Last Edited By: zach_1
This game is based on the first movie.What you do is swing around beating up classic badguys such as the Shocker or the Vulture and also Scrpion.This game has limited webing and combos.If you get to close to the ground you will. Spider-man 1 game
Posted:  26 Nov 2008 18:32   Last Edited By: spidervenom12
i have a cheat to play as green goblin. step1:start a new game on super hero mode step2nce the frst level has started ouit the game (dont think im dumb k just do what i say to play as goblin)step3:go to the cheat menu and enter this code arachid and if you enter it coret you will here goblin lyell HAHAHA! (lol) any way go to level warp. step4:go to the last level it will be a movie and skip it (it stinks any way)and skip the credits and go to the secret store go to the last skin and it will be gobiln bye!!! ^_^  DO IT NOW OR DIE! jk any realy do it k!
well romus say sm4 has a venom retrun of some kind and i have proof lets go to sm3 they have balck oze in there so ya p.s. carage cold be in this! and wont be posting tomrow cuse turkey day bye
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