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Posted:  18 Nov 2006 23:22
This game is based on Spider-man 2.Unlike the 1st game you get to touch the ground.You could die from high falls to the groung in this game.You have unlimited webing,you can ride helicopters from your web to the Statue of Liberty,fight Doc Oct,deliver pizza to hungry costumers,take pic for the Daily Bugle, and Meet MJ at various places because Peter just found out he's going to be late.
Posted:  18 Nov 2006 23:26
http://www.spideystore.com/B00005BZCH/Spider- ...
Posted:  30 Nov 2008 17:10
spidey 3 is beeter sortda
well romus say sm4 has a venom retrun of some kind and i have proof lets go to sm3 they have balck oze in there so ya p.s. carage cold be in this! and wont be posting tomrow cuse turkey day bye