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Posted:  11 May 2005 22:00
I've read several conflicting stories on who the bad guys are going to be. Thomas Haden Church will either be Sandman or Venom, but I've also read a second villain is probable possibly the Hobgoblin. Does anyone have a another opinion on the bad guys are going to be for Spiderman.
Posted:  21 May 2005 13:16
what the hell, no info here?
Posted:  21 May 2005 15:30
Actually, I don't think the exact details have been leaked yet other than Thomas Haden being one of the villains.
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Posted:  22 May 2005 09:12
my opinion is they hired both thomas church and topher grace ~from that 70's show~ but guys i think i need to remind u topher and Tobey Maguire are both young around the same ages so i would think they both will compete as photographers ~see where im going with this??  ~yes the nice boy topher grace will be venom...~nice guys make great villans~  the jealous photographer who gets caught up catching a story on some meteor and gets his venom alien suit. and as for church i think one of the other villans applies like sandman or that vulture or RHINO who knows and i know the Hobgoblin will be played by harry so its spiderman 3 so spidey gets his 3 villans
Posted:  22 May 2005 21:26
I hope it doesn't get like the last Batman movie with Clooney. They had too many villains. But if they do it right it would be cool to see all these guys on screen.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  08 Aug 2005 17:12
i would like it to be venom while all the original cast are all still in their respective roles but im not sure if i want ned to play him (not that i would have a choice). It's my experience that a lot of ppl didnt get(and therefore didnt like) part 2, although it all had to happen...peter givin it up, mj finding out etc so they probably need to do something big. As for sandman...well the size difference is like swarzenagger playing freeze in ba....that other 1 lol.
Posted:  08 Aug 2005 17:13
Oh and Raimi's done nothing but perfect work so far so I trust him.
Posted:  08 Aug 2005 21:29
Yeah I think Raimi has done a great job so far. Old ned ought to play a comedic villain.
Posted:  10 Aug 2005 04:07
and as long as its not mysterio, i really never found him that interesting
Posted:  10 Aug 2005 23:25
Yeah, I don't much care for mysterio either. I always been a fan of the Sandman. One of my favorite comics back when I was a kid was the teamup of Sandman and the Hydroman against Spiderman. The origin of Hydroman was pretty good too a few issues before that.
Posted:  20 Aug 2005 23:55
There is WAY!! to much info being Hidden From The Public!!!!
Posted:  20 Aug 2005 23:57
Venom ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  04 Sep 2005 18:05
I was also thinking that Thomas Haden Church could be a young vulture...cause everyone in the movies so far look like the comic version, so makes sense to me cause thats who he most looks like. That would make sense with the villan order so far to.
What do you's think?
Posted:  04 Sep 2005 20:31
Yeah, he does look like the vulture. I think he's going to bulk up a lot though which probably means he's going to play venom. Of course once he puts on the mask it won't matter a whole lot.
Posted:  30 Jan 2006 03:55
How b'out: Topher would be nice guy Eddie, competes with Peter, both hear big story about astronauts bringing asteroid samples from Mars (or something) Peter gets there first (cheats by web swinging) gets story, also inadvertently gets symbiote suit, Brock steadily declines while Spidey discovers evil symbiote, discovers weakness to sonic vibrations, goes to church to ring bell, Brock is there, badda-bing! Venom.

I don't want a Hobgoblin.