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Posted:  22 Jan 2007 16:48
iFMagazine.com talked to Dylan Baker about his role as Dr. Curt Connors in the "Spider-Man" movies. Here's a clip:

"I am in Spider-Man 3, and my wife Becky Ann Baker is also in the movie, she plays James Cromwell's wife and Bryce Dallas Howard's mother," says the actor. "Dr. Conners' wife has not made an appearance yet, at least not that I know of."

more at
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  23 Jan 2007 01:55
Is he actually gonna turn into the lizard in Spidey 3? Or are they setting it up for #4?
Posted:  23 Jan 2007 17:31
I think the rumors are that he might turn into the Lizard on 4, but you can't never tell that would be a great sneaky surprise to throw into 3 to setup 4.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  23 Jan 2007 22:47
yeah hopefully he does make an appearance in 3 and then stars in 4, hopefully Venom carries over to number 4 also. I'd hate to see them cram spidey getting the black costume, tangle with the sandman for a while, defeat Sandman, battle Harry, defeat him and seriously hurt him or kill him, ditch the costume cuz he cant control it, Eddy Brock getting the costume, him and Peter meeeting a couple of times, and then Peter defeating him. That's just too much, the movie would be way rushed. Im hoping Brock becomes Venom towards the end of the movie, and scares the shit of MJ, and then the showdown between Peter and Eddy is in movie 4.
Posted:  24 Jan 2007 18:10   Last Edited By: Tim
You know I hadn't thought of that, but a big portion of the movie has got to be about getting to Venom. There's finding the costume, Peter goes dark, loses the costume, the costume finds Brock. He's got to defeat the Sandman and deal with the Goblin so there can't really be a whole lot of time left over for Venom.

Makes me think they are bound to pull a to be continued on us. It's probably part of their big top secrecy on this movie they got going on.

Maybe the fact there aren't a lot of Venom pics released out there isn't just for hype purposes, but it's because he isn't Venom to the very last scene.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  25 Jan 2007 01:09
Exactly what I was thinking/hoping for.
Venom is my favorite Spidey villian, and I dont want to see his glory rushed and crammed into the last 20 minutes of a movie
Posted:  25 Jan 2007 01:16
I can't see Venom showing up for 20 minutes and that be it. I'd say he's most likely going to be in 4.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  26 Jan 2007 03:08
Posted:  01 Apr 2007 09:00
Judging by the final trailer, the black suit will go to venom about half-way through the film. Sandman will probably be the first to fall, Harry and Venom will also probably die. I hope Venom will be in 4 not just 3, but the way Toby's talking, he probably won't be.
Posted:  01 Apr 2007 09:04
As for the Lizard, he wouldn't be crammed into 3 along with everything else that happens. But if he isn't in 4, they aren't making him.
Posted:  01 Apr 2007 09:06
In the final trialer Spidey rips the black suit from him and it falls to Brock and engulfs him. Spidey obviously takes what he has left of it to some doctor. Sandman will probably be dead by this point. Venom will have a few appearances and fight spidey at the end. His death is very likely.