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Posted:  15 Feb 2007 21:23   Last Edited By: Tim
Fooling around and made some new wallpaper.
Here's one of them. New Wallpaper

Spider-Man bugs Spock

If you want to make your own 3d Spider-Man images check out this site. free spider-man figures

You have to have to start out with though. It's a 3d figure creation software that allows you pose figures and create animation.
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  13 Sep 2007 22:56

Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  02 Oct 2007 16:27   Last Edited By: Tim

More Halloween Art
Spider-Man Posters Spideystore.com
Posted:  17 Jan 2008 18:42