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1970's Spider-Man Live Action Episode Guide
The Amazing Spider-man

 Ellen Bry - Julie Masters
Nicholas Hammond - Peter Parker/Spiderman
Chip Hurd - Rita Conway
Michael Pataki - Captain Barbera
Irene Tedrow - Aunt May
David White - J. Jonah Jameson (pilot only)
Robert F. Simon - J. Jonah Jameson (second Jameson)

Pilot Spider-Man 19-Apr-1977 
Origin of Spiderman

Season 1 
2. The Deadly Dust (1) 05-Apr-1978 
In protest of plutonium being stored at the university, a small group of students steal it and build an atomic bomb to prove that it can be done

3. The Deadly Dust (2) 12-Apr-1978 

4. The Curse of Rava 19-Apr-1978
Spidey faces a cult leader with telekinetic powers.

5. Night of the Clones 26-Apr-1978
Spiderman faces his clone. 

6. Escort to Danger 03-May-1978
The daughter of the President of Tavilia is kidnapped.

Season 2 
7. The Captive Tower 05-Sep-1978 
When $10 million is stolen from the safe of a newly constructed, computer controlled building, the thieves program the computer to lock down the building. Spider-Man must free the occupants and catch the thieves.

8. A Matter of State 12-Sep-1978 
Spiderman has to save a girl who took a picture of a thief of NATO defense plans.

9. The Con Caper 25-Nov-1978
After being released from prison, an ex-politician breaks out his partners and try to steal $100 million

10. The Kirkwood Haunting 30-Dec-1978 
Peter Parker is asked by J. Jonah Jameson to investigate a haunted house.

11. Photo Finish 07-Feb-1979
Peter Parker develops an incriminating photo he didn't take, and when he refuses to turn it over to the court, he gets jailed for contempt.

12. Wolfpack 21-Feb-1979 
A mind control drug is used on students.

13. The Chinese Web (1) 06-Jul-1979
14. The Chinese Web (2) 06-Jul-1979 
The Chinese Web originally ran as a two hour movie.