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1980's Spider-Man Cartoon Episode Guide

This series was produced just before the 1981 Spiderman and his Amazing Friends and was released about the same time in syndication.

1. Bubble, Bubble, Oil And Trouble 
Spiderman has to stop Dr. Octupus from stealing all the oil in New York

2. Dr. Doom, Master Of The World 
Dr. Doom tries to take over the world by controlling the world's leaders.

3. Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere 
Spidey faces the Lizard

4. Curiosity Killed The Spider-Man 
The Black Cat issues a challenge to Spiderman

When Spider-Man uses a phone booth to apologize to Betty for standing her up, the person who was just using the booth previously bears a very strong resemblance to Clark Kent (complete with superheroic background music). 

5. The Sandman Is Coming 
Spidey battles a radioactive Sandman.

6. When Magneto Speaks....People Listen 
Spiderman battles the X-men's biggest foe Magneto.

7. The Pied Piper Of New York Town 
Mysterio's disco music hypnotizes the youth of New York into becoming his army.

8. The Doctor Prescribes Doom 
Dr. Doom is again elected master of the world, thanks to his android duplicates.

9. Carnival Of Crime
 Spider-Man has been accused of three robberies. Spidey sets out to prove himself innocent of these crimes and finds out the Ringmaster is behind it all.

10. Revenge Of The Green Goblin 
Norman Osborn shows up as the Green Goblin to cause Spidey trouble.

11. Triangle Of Evil 
Spidey is conned into competing on a T.V. show against the Stuntman.

12. The A-B-C's Of D-O-O-M 
Goron, Dr. Doom's new partner, attempts to launch every nuclear missile in the world.

13. The Sidewinder Strikes! 
Spidey vs. a high-tech cowboy at the in-town rodeo.

14. The Hunter And The Hunted 

J. Jonah Jameson decides to hire Kraven the Hunter to capture the last known sabre-tooth tiger as a mascot for the Daily Bugle, but it turns out to be Ka-zar's from the Savage Land.

15. The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man 
Spidey gets shrunk to  miniature size.

16. The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo Professor 
Gizmo lures Spidey into salvaging a sunken treasure ship.

17. Canon Of Doom
A new earthquake fault line is created by Dr. Doom's laser canon.

18. The Capture Of Captain America 
Spiderman has to rescue Captain America from the Red Skull

19. The Doom Report 
Spidey joins the Latverian resistance, attempting to overthrow Dr. Doom.

20. The Web Of Nephilia 
Trying to duplicate Spidey's powers, a scientist turns into a half-man, half-spider.

21. Countdown To Doom 
Follows on from "The Doom Report", and is the conclusion of the Doctor Doom story arc.

22. Arsenic And Aunt May 
The Chameleon poses as Uncle Ben's spirit to use Aunt May to kill Spiderman

23. The Vulture Has Landed 
The Vulture kidnaps scientist to steal a space probe and its up to Spiderman to stop him.

24. Wrath Of The Sub-Mariner 
Pollution from the Kingpin angers the Sub-Mariner, who takes it out on the city.

25. The Return Of Kingpin 
The Kingpin sets Spidey up to steal valuable items.

26. Under The Wizard's Spell 
Spidey tries to free Medusa from the Wizard's influence.

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