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MTV Spiderman Episode Guide

This series was short only 13 episodes, but it was actually very awesome. Some might complain about the animation being a little choppy during normal everyday movements, but the action sequences especially Spiderman's swinging were right on the mark.

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Spiderman Cast
Peter Parker/Spider-Man voiced by Neil Patrick Harris ( He's best known as the young genius turned doctor, Doogie Howser).
Mary Jane Watson- MJ voiced by Lisa Loeb
Harry Osborn voiced by Ian Ziering
Stan Lee also does some voice work as well as Ed Asner.

The Party
Max Dillon a misunderstood sort of nerdy guy get's the treatment from a bunch of fraternity guys. After being completely humiliated while trying to join the fraternity he ends up gaining fantastic electrical powers that enable him to exact his revenge on the college bullies. Spiderman has to stop him before he kills somebody.

Sword of Shikata
Richard Damien, a wealthy businessman, and obsessive collector of animals hires Shikita a master martial artist to capture Spiderman. Heads roll on this episode and things get pretty rough for Spidey as a fight to the death becomes the inevitable conclusion to his run in with Shikita.

Law of the Jungle 
Peter Parker has a new job working for Doctor Connors who is experimenting on reptilian DNA in order to restore his lost arm. The experiment turns Connors into the Lizard.

Keeping Secrets 
Spiderman must stop a thief called the Talon who ends up being Harry Osborne's new girlfriend.

Tight Squeeze 
A high tech group of criminals calling themselves Pterodax attempt to steal a powerful type of diamonds, but Spider-Man stops them. Peter then manages to sell a video of the attempted robbery to the Empire 1 channel with the help of a researcher named Indy. Later, Pterodax take hostages at Empire 1, demanding Spider-Man come within two hours or everyone dies. Unfortunately, Peter is a hostage himself. 

Head Over Heels 
A strange girl named Christina tries a mind reading experiment that short circuits causing her to think Spiderman is communicating with her with very strange messages.

When Sparks Fly 
 Max Dillon the Electro resurfaces and makes contact with Sally, a girl he fell in love with before his transformation. He wants to be with Sally and decides the only way to do that is to make her a female Electro.

Spider-Man Dis-Sabled 
Spiderman saves the mayor and a European Union guest from being assassinated by Silver Sable. He ends up having to save his friends as well from the assassin who wants the evidence of her crime back from Peter Parker

Royal Scam 
The Kingpin tricks Spiderman into stealing a valuable computer chip that will enable him to steal billions from the world's banks. 
Michael Clarke Duncan reprises his role as the Kingpin from the Daredevil movie. 

Heroes and Villains  
A very fast villain named Turbo Jet commits crimes and looks like a hero to nearby residents until Spiderman finally captures him.

 Flash Memory 
Flash Thompson becomes a guinea pig in an illegal experiment that increases his intelligence. 

Mind Games Part 1
Stan Lee does guest voice on this episode. Two mind control twins play games with Spidey's mind to get revenge on Kraven the hunter.

Mind Games Part 2
Spiderman chases the mind control twins and defeats them, but an innocent girl named Indy is pushed off a roof by a mind controlled Spiderman. After defeating the villains Peter Parker torn with guilt  tosses his costume in the ocean.