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60's spider-man cartoon
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Watch the Spiderman Intro and listen to the old awesome theme song

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1960's Spider-Man Cartoon Episode Guide

SPIDER-MAN (1967-1970 series)
original airdates: Sept 9, 1967-Aug 30, 1969 and Mar 22, 1970-Sept 6, 1970 on ABC episodes: 52
animated by: Grantway-Lawrence Animation for the 1st season and Krantz Films for the 2nd and 3rd seasons

The Spiderman theme song was performed by a vocal group to lyrics written by Paul Francis Webster and quick-tempo instrumentals performed by Bob Harris- and published by Buddah Music, Inc.

Spiderman theme lyrics
"Spiderman. Spiderman. Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size. Catches thieves- just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spiderman! Is he strong? Listen, bud. He's got radioactive blood. Can he swing, from a thread? Take a look overhead. Hey, there! There goes the Spiderman! In the chill of night, at the scene of a crime. Like a streak of light, he arrives just in time! Spiderman. Spiderman. Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman. Wealth and fame? He's ignored. Action is his reward. To him, life is a great big bang-up.
Wherever there's a hang-up, you'll find the Spiderman!"

listen to the 1960's Spiderman theme

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Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits

First Season Second Season  Third Season

1st Season (Sept 9, 1967-1968 on ABC Saturday mornings)

#1 "The Power of Doctor Octopus" and "Sub-Zero For Spidey"
Spider-man faces Dock Ock and alien ice-men who kidnap his friend Dr. Smartyr.

#2 "Where Crawls the Lizard" and "Electro the Human Lightning Bolt"
Dr. Curt Connors, takes a serum of his own making while studying reptilian dna and becomes the reptile Lizard man. It's up to Spider-Man to stop Connors and his army of reptiles in the Florida Everglades. Also when Spider-Man tries to stop Electro from robbing the safe of J. Jonah Jameson, Spidey is accused of stealing!

#3 "The Menace of Mysterio"
Mysterio, the movie effects illusionist, frames Spider-Man for a museum robbery and strikes a deal with J. Jonah Jameson.

#4 "The Sky is Falling" and "Captured By J. Jonah Jameson"
Spiderman faces the vulture and Jonah Jameson's new Spider Slayer!

#5 "Never Step On a Scorpion" and "Sands of Crime"
J. Jonah Jameson has Dr. Farley Stillwell create a human Scorpion to defeat Spider-Man. Spiderman gets framed by the Sandman!

#6 "Diet of Destruction" and "The Witching Hour"
A robot goes on a rampage through the city, and the Green Goblin arrives on the scene, with a plan to cast a spell and use ghosts in his criminal plots.

#7 "Kilowatt Kaper" and "The Peril of Parafino"
Electro wants to shut down the power to the city. Spiderman has to save Betty Brant from a bad guy named Parafino,  who can turn him into stone.

#8 "Horn of the Rhino"
Spiderman battles a cold and the awesome Rhino, one of the Incredible Hulk's super strong enemies.

#9 "The One-Eyed Idol" and "Fifth Avenue Phantom"

Australian hunter Harley Clivendon give J. Jonah Jameson a weird, hypnotic idol, which entrances Jameson into robbing his
own wall safe for Clivendon's benefit.

#10 "The Revenge of Dr. Magneto" and "The Sinister Prime Minister"

Dr. Magneto, a scientist with a gun capable of magnetizing and demagnetizing various objects, plans revenge upon the world for ridiculing his theories. (note. wonder why they didn't use Magneto of the X-men?)

Spiderman discovers that the visiting Prime Minister of Rutania is an imposter and must defeat him.

#11 "The Night of the Villains" and "Here Comes Trubble"

A evil villain robs the city with robot versions of Blackbeard the Pirate, Jesse James, and the Executioner of Paris.

Miss Trubble, a book dealer obsessed with mythology, uses a magical chest from which she summons mythological figures to commit robberies of ancient artifacts.

#12 "Spiderman Meets Dr. Noah Boddy" and "The Fantastic Fakir"
A scientist makes himself invisible to exact revenge on Jonah Jameson.

An Arabian Jewel thief commands animals to attack Spiderman.

#13 "Return of the Flying Dutchman" and "Farewell Performance"
Spiderman finds Mysterio up to no good while investigating the appearance of a flying ghost ship.

A Jekyll-and-Hyde poster comes to life thanks to Blackwell the Magician.

#14 "The Golden Rhino" and "Blueprint For Crime"
The Hulk's big enemy the Rhino is back stealing gold to make a statue of himself.

The Plotter employs two criminals, Cowboy and Ox, to steal a blueprint to a missile.

#15 "The Spider and the Fly" and "The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick"
Spiderman faces the Human Fly who can scale walls just like Spidey

Dr. Von Schlick is stealing mass quantities of oil and its up to Spider-man to stop him.

#16 "The Vulture's Prey" and "The Dark Terrors"

Vulture traps Jameson inside of a tower-clock for info to help his criminal activities.

Shadows of beasts are projected in various locations in New York City by the Phantom's new Shadow-Scope glasses to cause panic so the Phantom can rob banks.

#17 "The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus" and "Magic Malice"

Doctor Octopus steals Dr. Smartyr's Nullifier destructor missile rocket.

The Green Goblin steals some of Blackwell the Magician's props and tricks.

#18 "Fountain of Terror" and "Fiddler On the Loose"

Dr. Curtis Conner goes missing in the Florida swamps after finding the Fountain of Youth.

A fiddler with a deadly, sonic violin seeks revenge upon pop-music sponsor Cyrus Flintridge for rock and roll replacing classical music.

#19 "To Catch a Spider" and "Double Identity"

Dr. Noah Boddy recruits the the Green Goblin, Electro, and the Vulture to attack Spiderman.

Spiderman must stop a master of disguise, Charles Cameo, from robbing art.

#20 "Sting of the Scorpion" and "Trick or Treachery"

The Scorpion becomes super sized to exact revenge on Spiderman.

The Human Fly Twins rob diamonds while framing Spidey.

First Season Second Season  Third Season

Len Carlson as Captain Stacy
Bernard Cowan as Peter Parker
Peg Dixon as Betty Brant
Paul Kligman as J. Jonah Jameson
Paul Soles as Spider-Man

Watch the Ramone's video version of the Spiderman theme song
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Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits